After trying other speakers over the years. From Aerial 10 T's, Eggleston Andra MK II & Thiel CS6's which where darn good I must say. I went back to Vandersteen which I began my audio journey back in 1974 with. When the 5A's are set up correctly. Which takes time because of the 11-band room -compensation bass system. They're really fantastic. Some day maybe down the road, the Vandersteen 7's are on my list. There is a lot to be said for speakers that are Time Phase Aligned. For now the only thing that I will be doing. Is adding a SVS PC 12 Plus subwoofer.Also Thinking and considering either a 80"or 92"screen with an overhead projector.


Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Vandersteen 5A
    2010 Absolute Sound (Multiple Golden Ear Awards)
    • Vandersteen VSM-1 Signatures & VCC-1
    Sounds superb.
    • Arcam Arcam AVP 700 7.1
    Using with my Pass Labs XP-20
    • Pass Labs X-350.5
    Two Channel
    • B&K Components Video 5 Sonata LC
    105 watt amplifier for center and surround speakers
    • Audioquest Sky & Cheeta
    Perfect match for components
    • Audioquest Mont Blanc &Type 4 Hyperlitz
    Double Bi-wire for 5A's Rear & Surrounds
    • Timbernation Maple
    Custom Built Solid system
    • PS Audio Multiwave II +
    Power Conditioner
    • Samsung T.V. LN-T5265F
    Will be updating soon
    • VPI Classic Signature Turntable
    JMW Memorial Tonearm
    Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Cartridge
    • Cary Audio 302 Phono Preamp
    Vintage tubes from 1940-1950
    • Oracle Audio Delphi mkII
    Alphason HR-100S Tonearm
    Benz M2 Cartridge

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