I have been working with my system the last 6 years, and finaly I found my reference sound.

Tryed averything from Usher 8871 BE II, Von Schweikert VR4SR MK II, VSA VR4JR to Sonus Faber Domus Grand Piano Black. Also a lot of electronics from Rotel, Halcro SSP 220, Ayon Typhon, Pass Labs, Ear Yoshino V20, BAT, and Meridian +++.

Now I am looking in to picture upgrades. I do not know if 3D is the way to go yet, because I think the glases are a big drawback. Realy, I can not see the whole family sitting in the theater with huge, heavy and wierd glases while watching a movie. And picture dynamics are less as well in 3D. Any thoughts on that guys?

So I am thinking maybe a good 2D PJ like a Sony SXRD series instead??

Some information about the room. There are some acoustic treatments like bass trap, diffusors, absorbations on front wall, spreadlight absorbent, walls hung on silicone based fasteners, cealing with LF absorbent, and some minor things. I do not belive in over dampening of the listening room. In my opiniun, that might turn something good in to a dull listening experience.

To control the system and lightning, I use Logitech Harmony 1100. The thought behind the light where to create an atmosphere with the lightning, and by the choise of collor on the wall and sealing. This was intended as the golden path between the cinematic batcave and the clinical listeningroom. The collors are two shades off gray wich in turn creates a warmer atmosphere.

During movies I have chosen to use two subwoofers at this time, i did use three subwoofers, but it shows that two SVS towers gives enough headroom and fun. Anthem ARC system helps with setting up the system during movie, but for two channel listening I use only the front speakers without ARC and subwoofers.

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    • Classe CDP 102 Delta
    CD player with DVD drive
    • MBL 9007
    Mono or stereo block
    • Jas Audio Plato
    Full range speaker with Accuton drivers. Masterpice speaker with LCY Ambient driver. Plato Normal Power HandlingF 250W Sensitivity F 89dB/W/M Impedance F 4 ohms finishF Taffeta White and Metallic Black , Alumininum front panels Frequency responseF 20Hz-25kHz, +/-3dB. (20Hz-60kHz, +/-3dB with rear super tweeter on) Drive units : Twin aluminum ribbon tweeter , 1" inverted ceramic-dome tweeter , 5.5" ceramic-cone midrange unit , two 9" ceramic-cone woofers avoirdupoisF 80kg/pc Net Weight : 58 Kg x 2 Gross WeightF 120 Kg x 2 / 50 Kg x 2 Total 4 Box DimensionsF 122cm ( H ) x 38cm ( W ) x 68cm ( D ) Packing DimensionsF 1020(W) x 570(H) x 820(D) X 2 840(W) x 400(H) x 520(D) x 2 (mm)
    • Anthem Statment D2V
    HD processor with ARC sytem.
    • Denon DBP 2010
    BD player.
    • Acoustic reality eAR 501
    Monoblock 500W
    • Acoustic reality eAR Two
    Stero 250w amp
    • SVS PC 13 ultra
    13" tube subwoofer.
    • Von Schweikert Audio TS 150
    Di-pol speaker system.

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Really nice system. Looks like you have the best of both worlds.
If I may ask, what is the sofa you have? It is beautiful and appears to have removable/adjustable headrests? Comfortable I hope?