Best of both worlds, great 5.1 and 2 channel that sounds like all the other speakers are on.

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    • Pioneer 151 FD 9G Kuro Elite Plasma
    • Conrad Johnson Met1
    6 channel hybrid tube linestage preamp, best addition to my system! Synergy is great with Dali speakers.
    • Conrad Johnson Met-150
    5 channel hybrid tube amp, 150 wpc
    • Dali Helicon
    800s,400s & Center Love these speakers, matching drivers are great for HT
    • Primaluna Primaluna8
    Tube CD Player, recently rolled the tubes with mullard, seiman and telefunken and easily is the best cd player Ive ever owned!
    • Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD
    Bluray player
    • Denon 5900
    Universal player
    • Denon AVR-5803
    7 x 170watt 7.1 channel avr
    • Yamaha T-33
    this tuner sounds really great thru the tube preamp and it's ARM. great reception with no antenna and a vital source for sampling songs before buying
    • Paradigm Servo 15
    Love this 15" monster, using the x-30 crossover to from the cj met1 preamp. A must for HT experience.
    • Richard Gray Power Company SubStation
    105lb step transformer really helps control the drain on overloaded oyiade outlet
    • Richard Gray Power Company 600S Pole Pig
    Choke Line Conditioner makes a huge improvement in video and cleans up audio hash
    • Crystal Clear Audio Cables CCAC Silver
    Custom made pure silver cables by Mel at CCAC here on agon. Great guy, great cables.
    • Crystal Clear Audio Cables Master Class
    5 pairs of Mels 1 meter RCAs for the analog in and out of met1 pre

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System edited: System Update 5-25-09 added DIY Room Treatments to good effect.


Thanks for the feedback. It is the highest end system Ive ever owned. Can't say enough about the Dali speakers and the CJ amps. Been working 3 years on the addition, 20 x 35 foot room. Can't get all the speakers in the photos.
Also just rolled the tubes in the primaluna-8 cd player for first time and wow, what took me so long. Holy cow what a difference a power chord, tubes and isolation makes.
The smashballs I found at Big5 a local sporting store. Under it is lead weights I got from fishermans marine supply. I plan on using the router on a chunk of plywood or plexiglass to put on top of the balls. Im also trying foams and packing materials , but for some reason the balls are best so far. Want to try the stillpoints others have mentioned, looks like an excellently engineered product.
Still need to finish the rack. Made it from 3/4" maple plywood and mdf layered to 2" thick to help decouple vibrations. Had Homedepot cut the sheets in half, the rest I did with my tools.
The plasma is awesome but having a hard time getting use to it 40" off the ground, will probably redo it.
The rack is 8 feet long and 24" deep. It also houses a amp for my overkill qty16 8" NHT ceiling speakers throughout the house, even in the shower.
This weekend Im planning badly needed DIY acoustical panels.
I started out wanting both home theater and 2 channel high end and I think Im almost there. I use the CJ preamp remote to switch back and forth between TV, the tuner and cd player and 5.1 or 2 channel, and I swear sometimes I can't tell if Im in two channel or multi channel mode. These speakers throw an incredible phntom center. And of course the sub is essential for movies.
Thanks for noticing