An excellent sounding system. It incorporates current and vintage McIntosh technology. I have owned one pair of the ML1s since 1971. Roger Russell hand-wired new crossovers for me last year and I upgraded the upper midrange drivers and tweeters to Roger's recommendations. The ML1/ML10/MQ101 is still one of the best speaker sounds out there. I recently added an XCS350 for the center channel and an MC2255 to drive it.

We can pop 110 dB at clip point. Very impressive on DTS tracks like U571, War of the Worlds and I Robot. A truly great theater system.

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    • McIntosh MX132
    • McIntosh MC7300
    Sub Amplifier
    • McIntosh MC-7270
    Sub amp
    • McIntosh MC2255
    Center channel amplifier
    • McIntosh MC-502
    Rear channel amplifier
    • McIntosh MC252
    Left Main Channel Amplifier
    • McIntosh MC-2255
    Right Main Channel Amplifier
    • McIntosh ML1 (6)
    Front Channel Speakers
    • McIntosh ML10 (4)
    Rear Channel Speakers. I just added a second set into the front channel so I could run the MC252 and the MC2255 at 4 ohms per channel.
    • McIntosh MQ101
    Front Channel Equalizer
    • McIntosh MQ101
    Rear Channel Equalizer
    • McIntosh MPI4 (2)
    Maximum Performance Indicator. I now have two in the system. Set for dual-trace, the unit on the left monitors mid frequencies in the front and rear channels. The unit on the right monitors low frequencies in the center and sub channels.
    • McIntosh HT12 (2)
    • McIntosh XCS350
    Center Channel Speaker

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Have you thought about bringing the left and right bank of speakers forward to the plane of your AV cabinet?