coming up on my fourth year and still doing a little tweaking here and there and the occasional upgrade

Room Details

Dimensions: 27’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Epson Video UB 5020
    • Marantz AV-7702 MKII
    pre amp
    16x9 format 133"
    • Sunfire Cinema Grand Sig
    BLACK 7 CH 400W
    • Oppo Digital 203
    • Marantz MM9340
    2 BLACK 4x275 watts 8 OHM or 2x800 watts
    • Definitive Technology CLR-3000
    3 of them Dimensions: 25" W x 8-5/16" H x 16" D. Response: 19 — 30 kHz. Nominal Imp.: 4 — 8 ohms. Rec. amp: 20 — 400 watts. Built-in sub amp: 150 watts RMS. Drivers: 10" sub, two cast-basket 6-1/2" bass/midranges 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter. Auto On/Off: Signal sensing. Finish: Piano-Gloss Black. Tri-wireablelack 3 of them
    • Definitive Technology BPVX/P
    4 or them Dimensions: 11-3/8" W x 7-3/4" D x 22-1/8" H. Response: 23 – 30 kHz. Imp.: 4 – 8 ohms. Rec. amp: 20 – 400 watts. Built-in sub amp: 125 watts RMS. Drivers: Two cast-basket 6-1/2" bass/mid, two cast-basket 6-1/2" subs Two 1" pure aluminum domes. Auto On/Off: Signal sensing. Finish: Piano-Gloss Black
    • Definitive Technology SuperCube® Trinity Signature
    2 of them Dimensions:18" W x 18" D x 31-3/4" H Frequency Response: 10 Hz — 200Hz Driver Complement: Two 14" long-throw SuperCube Technology subwoofers coupled to four 14" infrasonic radiators Built-in Amplifier: 2000 watts Digitally-Coupled Class D Amplifier Low Pass Crossover: 24 dB/octave continuously adjustable variable (40 —150 Hz) plus Unfiltered LFE direct coupled input High Pass Crossover: 12dB/octave continuously variable (40 — 150hz) Speaker level: 6 dB octave (80 Hz) Finish: Piano gloss black Weight: 175 lbs.
    • Definitive Technology Powerfield-1800
    2 BLACK
    • Aura Sound AST2B-4
    BLACK 9 of them
    • Panja PLB-AMP8
    nice 8 channel amp to power aura bass shakers 2 OF THEM
    • Roku Labs Premium plus
    • TiVo Romio

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I have a room similar to yours but I built and entire building for my theater. I am on my 3rd projector/scaler combo and I would highly recommend it. It is the new Meridian/Faroudja setup and is an incredible value for the money.
I also think you will have a blast with the buttkickers as well. I saw somebody listed the JL Aduio Fathom 113 subs as a replacement for them which is not truly the answer. The JL subs are the best I have ever heard without a doubt and I just sold my 113's and have a pair of the JL Audio Gotham subs set to be deliverd in 3 weeks but the Buttkickers still add a real "kick in the butt" so to speak that the subs can make you feel in your stomach but dont give you that "Disneyland" magic that the buttkickers can give you.


I do enjoy your room, nice job/project!


Congrats on a great job. What is the size of the room? Any tips as to what to watch for, for the do your selfer.


Nice room,good job! How do you lick the Butt Kickers?

I am using two JL Audio f-113's in my room and they are quit the BUTT KICKERS themselfs. I had a couple of people ask if we had something in the chairs!


thanks FUCKIN MOTLEY CREW WOW! if you plan on leaving crossover at 80 save afew bucks and go with the bpvx's not the p's


That room is stunning....How so you like the BVPX/P?...Have the same surrounds without the subs. Was thinking of changing.


It's all me, wife and friends had some in put but it's pretty much my brain child. thanks


Hey - your room is coming along very nicely! Pretty impressive.

Have you gotten someone to design the room or did you do it yourself?

Keep it rollin',


System edited: just a 100 more man hours give or take and projector. and it will be done


got a nec pg9100 wont work with beam and other mounting issues. proably be listing it to sell in the near future. I do have screen already it's a draper onxy 133" acousticly transparent 16x9 with a gain of 1.0 so trying to find something bright enough to light it don't think the little sony will do it. keep the ideas and sugestions comin thanks


With a name like "the Black Pearl", I don't see any other choice besides the Sony VPL-VW50 "Pearl" projector. 3-ship SXRD, 1080p for under $5K....hard to beat that. I've got about 40 hours on mine, and I'm lovin' it!


Look at the range of BARCO projectors if you're after a high-quality image - and dont forget a good screen...



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