I have been Working on this for 10 Years, most of the Equipment is used,and Four Pieces were Purchased from Audio gone.My wife is astonished with how much money i spend on this room and i think she is about to leave me ha. My vechicle's are junk! But the theater room is incredible.Even with all the money spent, the biggest improvement was the sound treatments. It changed everything. it turn the sound into high end. When you purched the high end equiptment it never sounds as good as the reviews say. I heard systems for half the money sound better than what i had untill the sound treatment. now, I would put up against anybody! I got to the point where I was going to sell every thing I had in my sound system.The more I spent,the more unhappy i was,i wanted better.Until, the final stage, sound treatment” wow! Amazing. next big chang was the amp the krell 400cx mono stero amp wow it made the 803n sing like never before. then i bought the 801N and i can't belive what i was hearing. another big change,

now i am blow away.

Word of advice if you think you are not getting what u paid for consider sound acoustical treatment, you will be amazed.

Thank you


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    • BenQ Pe8720
    Fed a 80" x 45" Firehawe Screen fixed
    • APC J-15
    • Philips DSX 5540
    Directv Receiver with component video and Coxial dig. audio
    • Parasound T3
    With prset Am/Fm
    • Sony SLV-N750
    VCR to play back vhs
    • Krell DVD STANDARD
    For DVD play Back
    • Krell HTS-7.1
    Heat of the system
    • Krell SACD/CD Standard
    For all SACD and cd playback
    • Krell 400cx
    2 chanel Mono Block
    • Krell Theater Amplifier Standard
    • B&W Nautilus 801
    I final got them
    • B&W Nautilus HTM-1
    Great Center
    • B&W Nautilus 805
    For my Rear on 7.1
    • B&W DS7
    Side speaker for 7.1
    • Velodyne F-1800r mkII
    18" power sub 1250 Watt
    2 Meter for DVD Std.
    2 meter for Vido
    • STRAIGHT WIRE Mega-link II
    Fed my Digital side of SACD/cd player and Sat Recever
    • STRAIGHT WIRE Crescendo
    Fed my SACD/Cd Bal
    XLR Bal for the amp to Hts 7.1 and 7.1 SACD input
    • STRAIGHT WIRE Rhapsody II
    For the tuner T3
    • STRAIGHT WIRE Crescendo
    for the main 801 for the high and mids
    Fed my Main bass only and Center

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Williamg508, I do know what I am talking about. I have designed and sold high end for 29 years. I know Dan and I sell B&W. My mentors were Peter Snell, David Berning, Dale Pitcher, and I was voted top 20 most knowledgeable dealer in Bound for Sound Magazine.

The B&W's have a hot top end that makes the tweeter sound disconnected from the midrange and Krell is grainy with a bite at 14k that makes the 800 series sizzle.

Try Clayton on B&W's and you will think the Krell sounds like a Sony with power and bass and build quality and good looks. LOL


Hey Vito,

Room treatment makes a huge difference but I have to tell you that a lot of the problem you may have had has to do with the fact that Krell and B & W don't work well together and only a knoll gable (and honest) dealer could have helped you with that. (Or a killer audiophile friend who owns equipment that Stereophile has never heard of. LOL)

Glad you got it toned down with room treatment because it would have been bright and hard sounding before.