I am permanently trying to increase the audiophile and videophile performance to an optimum. Currently I am trying to enhance the sonic quality of my room. There seems to be a little too much distortion in the low frequency spectrum. I recently upgraded the room with bass foam trapps in the front facing corners and also got some additional accoustic foam from Illbruck, a german company with good accoustic foam products. It is not perfect yet, but definetely getting better. the whole room is powered on its on circuit with an isolated ground rod outside of my house, all outlets are upgraded to hospital quality. I might still get a power conditioner on top, don't know, yet. The big problem in my HT seems to be the flooring, it is all hard wood laminate, with 2 concrete walls and 2 dry walls facing each other, hard to find the optimum ballance of reflection and accoustic insulation. Has anybody experience with sound tuning of their dedicated HT room?! I will try to add some images soon. Just bought a pair of Dynaudio Confidence 5- I am looking forward to hear them and welcome them in my HT.


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    • Panasonic pt-ae7000u
    High Def 3D LCD front projector with a native resolution of 1080p.
    • Dynaudio Confidence C5
    Fully enclosed Danish flagship speakers from 1992-1999, replaced in the early 2000 by the new Confidence line, C2 and C4. Many people still believe the C5 trumps either of the new models
    • Wireworld Eclipse 6
    excellent sounding PPOC speaker cable
    • Velodyne dsp 12
    huge 12 inch driver , digital amplified subwoofer
    • OPPO-95 3d Bluray Player
    great picture and sound, multi region Multi Media Player with built in analog surround processor
    • sony playstation 3
    HD Blueray player with 60 gb harddrive and HDMI connection
    • Monarchy Audio TDK PCOCC
    fantastic sounding speaker cables at a very reasonable price. Excellent homogen frequency response- great bass impulse- a steal at this price- give them a try!
    • PS Audio power plant premier
    excellent power re-generator with an extremely positive effect on the noise floor, creating a true black background.
    • PS Audio SOLOIST
    very nice in wall power conditioner that does not reduce the power output for connected high current units such as amplifiers, etc. Great for projectors too. Increased the sharpness and over all picture quality of my projector.
    • Nordost TYR XLR
    excellent interconnect, very neutral and detailed
    • PS Audio AC-5 power cords
    very dynamic sounding power cords with PCOCC conduct, known for delivering a punchy quick bass character
    • PS Audio PWD MK2 with bridge
    one of the best DACs on the market
    • Mystere PA21
    Beautiful sounding tube preamp with timeless design finished in high gloss piano black.
    • NewClear NC1000l
    Dual Mono Class D power amp based on the B&O ICE amps. Fantastic sound and lots of power to even drive the most power hungry speakers. 1000W on 4 ohm per channel
    • Synergistic Research HOT
    passive filter tweak to place into loud speakers signal path. Enhances width and depth of soundstage
    • Synergistic Research RED
    audiophile fuse upgrade treated with a Tesla coil
    • Wireworld silver eclipse 7
    RCA interconnects
    • Wireworld silver Eclipse 7
    power cord
    • Dynaudio Sub 250
    small but very musical subwoofer with enough oomph for the music.
    • Dynaudio Xennon 3/75
    2 pairs for the side and rear channels
    • Dynaudio Audience 122c
    entry level full range center channel from Dynaudio with a nice presence for dialogues.

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I agree w/ Vernneal. Speakers like yours don't perform as well placed deep into the corners of a room like your photo indicates.