This is my current theater room at home. It's about 17 by 21 with 9 foot ceilings. I used 2 layers of drywall, with green glue between them. All HVAC in this half of the house is flex duct, and all walls as well as the ceiling are insulated. The only door is a metal 6 panel exterior door with an exterior insulated threshold and casing. The front wall, ceiling and rear wall are all flat black with dark red side walls. There are no cans as I wanted to keep the room as sealed as possible. There are four wall sconces on a separate circuit with a Lutron dimmer. Speaking of circuits I have 3 same phase 20 Amp circuits in my wiring closet. This closet also holds the structured wiring for the house and the back side of my Middle Atlantic AXS rack. The theater houses 3 circuits as well. Finally I made an acoustic diffuser for the ceiling. It's about 7'x7'x3" and hanging above the first reflection 2" down from the ceiling in a diamond shape.

Yet to come:

We're not their yet. The current screen is a nice Draper, but it was a hand me down and it's too small. I'd like a nice acoustically transparent 120" that will cover all three fronts for a more even sound. I currently have my center turned off since it is covered by the screen.

There is no sub. Yet. I'm planning on a Velodyne SC-1250 and two SC-15's. I'm downgrading my Blu-ray player to pay for it! Go figure.

There is a slap echo like a mother from side to side in the front 1/3 of the room. Front to back is pretty good as I have a large riser with two rows of fluffy seating. The plan is for a Auralex Home Theater kit to dull that down a bit.

Control is via an RTI T1 and an RP-6. I've done 100% of the work/wiring/setup/install/programming myself therefore any comments or questions are more than welcome, but be nice I'm a professional on a budget (this is my first dedicated theater room).

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    • Snell IW-D7
    These are my front LCR's. In wall 2 way with 6 1/2
    • Marantz BD8002
    • Proceed AVP
    OLD! Pre/Pro, but it does DD and DTS, but no 5.1 analog in :-(
    • ADA PTM-6150
    6 Channel 150WPC
    • Snell IW-S7
    I have 4 of these as my rears. In wall 2 way with 8
    • JVC RS-1
    LCOS 3 chip 1080p Projector

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We certainly do enjoy it. Thanks for the feedback. We have a little ways to go, but so far I'm quite pleased. Ironically this room is used 75% to watch television. All of the big budget network shows in HD are pretty enjoyable. The other 25% is blu-ray rentals and purchases. I think I've played a standard DVD in this system a half dozen times or less.

When we built our home (this is our second time to build) we moved the mechanical room to the other side of the basement to isolate the room from noise, and moved some walls around.

If you can build, do. If you can find a house with an unfinished basement, do. Regardless it will be a great place for a family (or bachelor) to spend time.


System edited: I finally got my pictures up. All feedback is welcome!


The front two thirds of the room during a snap, clap and some plain old speech.

Why do you ask?