With a few bumps in the road (some additional items needed; promised help not arriving) Leslie's system was installed on Aug 14 and 16. She was shocked and very moved by the care and generosity shown to her.

I have used the virtual system builder to post photos and tell some of the story. I anticipate Leslie will be sending me a "thank you" note for everyone on Audiogon, which I will post in the thread once I receive it.

In addition to the major items donated by A'gon members as described in the virtual system, a big "thank you" goes out to Leslie's local counsel, David Ghannam and Tim Attalla, who donated a new Sony widescreen TV.

The system sounds and looks great. Leslie is thrilled. When you think about it, this is an amazing and wonderful thing we've all done. Can you imagine being in Leslie's shoes and having someone show up at your house and install this for you?

I learned that Leslie is a very generous person, who has frequently had her generosity taken advantage of by others. To her and her niece's recollection, this is the first time that something really generous has been done for her.

Thank you to the many A'gon members who donated items not specifically described in the virtual system -- the cables, vibration control, CDs and videos. This was a wonderful and very moving experience (even if my 51 year-old shins are still sore from kneeling on the floor for 2 days).

Maybe this will be just the first system donated by Audiogon members to deserving individuals? The future, and the ability to make dreams come true -- as shown by this event -- are ours.

Many, many thanks to everyone.

Warmest regards,

Paul Frumkin

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    • The System Fired up!
    On Friday, Aug 13, my wife and I drove to Michigan, and the installation began on Saturday, Aug 14. (A'gon member Sogood51 said he'd come and help, but didn't show or return e-mails -- hope he's okay). After assembling the system, it was clear that we needed (1) an equipment rack; (2) speaker stands; and (3) longer cables for the surround speakers. So I went out and purchased those items. Also, Leslie's friend had told me she had a VCR, and so I didn't ask for a donated VCR. Well, she had a VCR alright ... a mono one about 20 years old! So I went out and bought a new Sony VCR, too. On Monday, Aug 16, I returned to Leslie's and (1) disassembled the system; (2) assembled the equipment rack; (3) assembled the speaker stands; (4) re-assembled the system; and (5) replaced and re-routed the cables for the surround speakers. What a day! Photo is of the system fired up.
    • Kyocera DA-01
    A photo of the equipment rack. CD player donated by Jeff Logan.
    • Pioneer DVD player
    Pioneer DVD player donated by Mark Drum (Cine100). Photo of Leslie in front of the system.
    • Denon Denon
    Top-notch Denon Receiver donated by Guenther Hartfeil (Ozfly) and friends. Photo of the system.
    • Infinity Infinity
    Infinity L, R and center channel speakers donated by Mike Sylvestri. Photo of the sytem fired up.
    • PSB Subwoofer
    PSB subwoofer donated by Tom Kolena. Photo of Leslie and her niece (Sweet Dreams) Tanya.
    • Sound Dynamics Sound Dynamics
    Surround speakers donated by Mark Gringer. Photo of Leslie and yours truly (tired and sweaty after taking the system apart, assembling the equipment rack, re-assembling the system on the rack, assembling the speaker stands, and velcroing the speakers to the stands).
    • Grado Headphones
    Donated by Mr. John Grado himself! Photo of Leslie enjoying the World's Finest.
    • Many Thanks to all who made this possible!
    Photo of Leslie holding the card listing everyone who contributed to make this dream come true. I sincerely believe that this home theater system (and the donated music and videos) will do much to improve the quality of her life.

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Awesome job! Once again hats off to you, you wife, and David. May your kindness and care for others come back to you and your loved ones a hundred fold. Also, if you need any assistance in defraying some of your unexpected out of pocket expenses, please email me. It has been a pleasure getting to know you through this experience.

Peace and Regards, Rich