Sony 42 Inch HDTV Flat Plasma

Sony SAT-HD100 HD processor

Pricing: D=Demo & R=Retail

I buy a lot of last year Demos & trade a lot with a Stereo Club

Goals: to the point, balance, musical, & good sound for the price

Upgrade Chart-

Player: mid 1980ish Sony LP player to Pioneer DVL-919 CD/DVD/LD player to Sony DVP-9000es CD/DVD/SACD player

Processor: Yamaha SR-51 to Acurus ACT-3 to Theta Casanova

Stereo Amp: mid 1980ish Yahama to Aragon 8008BB dual mono

3 channel Amp: Adcom 5503 to Aragon 8008-X3

Main Speakers: Polk SDS-2a to NHT VT-2

Center Speakers: Martin Logan Logos (part of other stereo) to NHT VS-2a

Rear Speakers: mid 1980ish Infinities to Martin Logan Scripts (part of other stereo) to NHT VS-2a

Interconnects: Monster Cable 400's to Harmonic Technology Precision-Link to Harmonic Technology Truth-Links to Syngistic Research Phase 2 Looking Glass

Speaker Cables: Neotech Bi-wires to Monster Cable 2.4 Bi-wires to Synergistic Research Phase 2 Bi-wires

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    • Sony DVP-S9000es
    CD, DVD, SACD, remote, progressive-scan
    • Pioneer DVL-919
    CD/DVD/LD player
    • Placette Audio Remote Control Volume
    RCA volume contol for single unit with audio by-pass
    • Theta Digital Casanova
    24 bit/96kHz digital to analog converter
    with Dolby Digital, DTS, Circle Surround, RF, & Zone 2
    26 lbs
    • Aragon 8008 BB
    dual mono amp rated at 200 watts into 8 ohms (5Hz-20kHz)
    80 lbs
    • Aragon 8008 x3
    3 channel amp rated at 200 watts into 8 ohms (20Hz-20kHz)
    65 lbs
    • N H T VT-2
    pair: 8in sub, 2-5.25in mids, & 1in twt
    • N H T VS-2a
    center & 2 rears: 2-5.25in mids, 1in twt
    • N H T Sub Two
    Sunfire 500 watt powered, 2-10in woofs
    • Harmonic Technology Truth-Link
    RCA analog in & outs
    • Synergistic Research Phase 2 Looking Glass
    Active Shield RCA 1 meter
    Sony DVP-9000es to Theta Casanova
    • Synergistic Research Resolution Reference Digital
    Active Shield Digital cable
    Sony DVP-S9000es to Theta Casanova
    • Synergistic Research Phase 2 Bi-Wires
    Aragon 8008BB to NHT VT-2
    • Synergistic Research Master Couplers
    wall sockets to amps

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Took the Placete Audio Remote Control unit to the stereo club & experimented with the new Arye CD player verus a Theta Pearl/DAC combo. Normal set-up was with a Mark Levinson 335 stereo amp to an Audio Research LS25 tubed pre-amp into Martin Logan Odessey speakers. The Arye was more even & the the Theta combo was more dynamitic. The Audio Research LS25 was more smoother than the Placete Audio. May need more burn in time or Martin Logan speakers always reveal dry type units


To make room for the Placette Audio Remote Control, I took down the whole system & rewired. 3 Harmonic Technology Truth-Link interconnects from the Theta Casa Nova to Aragon 8008-X3 were too long due to a past set-up. I am having the interconnects cut in half which will take 2 to 3 weeks. The Placette Audio Remote Control arrived 1/31/03 & after a little monking around, it plays SACD's beautiful but I seem to have a hum in the right speaker which after a few experiments it sems like the Theta Casa Nova is at fault. I plan to use the standared power cord & move interconnects around to see if the hum will go away. If not, the Theta will have to go to the shop.


System edited: Just bought an Placette Audio Remote Control with Audio By-Pass. This way I am able to do away with the Krell 300i integrated amp used as an pre-amp to run SACD & go through the Theta Casa Nova without changing speaker cables


Update about Martin Logan stereo in Nuance & Fluence My Friends Systems web site, see -


Last night I put up the Christimas tree & I had to move one of the main NHT VT-2 speakers a few inches closer to the Sony flat plasma HDTV. My wife then said "I want a normal room without all these wires & large speakers." I told her it was okay, but lets wait until the Christimas tree is down to make up our minds. We could move this system up into the bedroom to match a Proscan 36 inch HDTV & use the Krell 300i integrated amp with Pioneer DVL-919 CD/DVD/LD player into 2 speakers with the Sony flat plasma HDTV. I am crossing my fingers :)


System edited: This is more than a normal 5.1 DVD movie playback system, it is also very musical with a closed port NHT Sub Two sub. Sometimes I use a Krell 300i integrated amp in the system to playback SACD's or use the Theta Casanova to playback 5.1 DTS CD's or 24/96 DAD's