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    • JM Labs CHORUS 716
    2-1/2 way bass-reflex floorstanding speaker Elegant and refined, the Chorus 716 tower speaker is built using 2.5-way technology in a premium hifi configuration: the two 6.5
    • JL audio e 110
    Enclosure Type Sealed
    Frequency Response (Anechoic) 25 - 116 Hz (±1.5dB)
    -3 dB at 23 Hz / 120 Hz
    -10 dB at 18 Hz / 165 Hz
    Effective Piston Area (Sd) 58.78 sq in / 0.0379 sq m
    Effective Displacement 131 cu in / 2.1 L
    Amplifier Power 1200 W RMS short-term
    • Kimber Kable 8 TC
    DUT: 8TC 2.5m bare wire ends (Cp) parallel capacitance: 821.0 pF @ 20 kHz (Ls) series inductance: 0.345 µH @ 20 kHz (Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.018 Ω (Xt) total reactance: 0.044 Ω @ 20 kHz Frequency response ± 0.5 dB: dc - 300 kHz
    • Marantz SR7007
    MULTI CHANNEL/SURROUND Number of Channels 7.2 Channels DTS DTS HD Master Audio, HD High Resolution, ES Discrete/Matrix, Neo:6, 96/24 Dolby Dolby TrueHD, Digital, Digital Plus, Pro Logic IIz, EX DSD(SA-CD)/NEURAL Yes / - SRS - SOUND ENHANCEMENTS Current Feedback Topology Preamplifier Stage Discrete Amplification Yes Power Transformer EI Core D/A Conversion 192kHz/24-Bit Digital Signal Processing Analog Devices ADSP21487 Video Off (Pure Direct) Yes Source Direct Yes Chassis Full Size Variable X-over Yes Video Up-conversion Yes (Analog Composite/Component Video to HDMI) Auto Calibration by MIC Audyssey MultEQXT (upgradeable to Pro by Installer) Satellite Radio Ready - AM/FM tuner FM Tuner Only Bass Management Yes Lip-sync (digital audio delay) Yes Software Upgradable Yes (via Internet)
    • Marantz UD7007
    7.1 HD Audio Output No
    Audio / Video streaming from network Yes
    Audio exclusive mode Yes
    BD-Live Yes
    Compatibility: CD / SACD / DVD / DVD-A / Blu-Ray Disc Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
    Compressed Audio Compatibility: WMA / MP3 Yes / Yes
    Internal memory for BD-Live (1Gb) Yes
    Multi Language OSD Yes
    Quick Start Mode Yes
    Video Scaling on HDMI: up to 1080P Yes
    • Panamax M5300-PM
    Weight 12.8 lbs.
    Rack Ears Included
    Dimensions 17 in. W x 12.75 in. D x 3.5 in H, (4.1 in. Including feet)
    AC Power
    Under-voltage shutoff 90 VAC ± 2 VAC
    UL1449 Suppression Rating 330V
    Total Current Capacity 15 A
    Thermal Fusing Yes
    Protection Modes L-N, L-G, N-G
    Power Cord 10 ft detachable
    Peak Impulse Current 72,000 Amps
    Over-voltage shutoff 142 VAC ± 8 VAC
    Line Voltage 120V, 60Hz
    Initial Clamping Level 200V
    Energy Dissipation 2125 Joules
    Catastrophic Surge Circuit Yes
    EMI/RFI Noise Filtration
    Banks 1, 2, 3, 4 80 db, 100 KHz − 2 MHz
    Bank 5, High Current Outlets 60 db, 100 KHz − 2 MHz
    DC Trigger Input
    Voltage and Polarity 3 - 24V DC, bidirectional
    Jacks 3.5mm (1/8
    • Samsung 55
    Product LED Audio 10 W x 2 Sound Output (RMS) Dolby® Digital Plus / Dolby® Pulse SRS TheaterSound HD™ DTS Premium Audio 5.1 Down Firing + Full Range Speaker Type Auto Volume Leveler available

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Looks to be a very accurate sounding system. I too have the JL Audio 110 sub which may be the best 10" sub out there. The JM Labs usually are VERY DETAILED speakers


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