So this is my first HiFi system. I have been working on it since 2004 when I purchased my Rotel RSX-1067 and my Velodyne sub. I had been running Kenwood front channels for years, but finally, after getting my first REAL job, I was able to purchase a good set of B&W speakers.

This system is intended for home theater use, but will handle 2 channel playback that sounds pretty good for what it is. The RSX-1067 is driving 100wpc and drives all the speakers well, except I think the 9NTs could use a little more power. To that effect, I just purchased a ADCOM GFA-7805 that I have not been able to hook up yet. Its out for repairs.

The entertainment center is custom built and suspended by a single pole. This feature allows the whole station to swivel 25 degrees, which is great for working behind the system.

UPDATE: Added an ADCOM GFA-7805 to my system and its awesome. However now whenever I switch functions I get a "pop" sound. Not sure what is causing it. Any ideas?

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • Rotel RSX-1065
    7.1 receiver 100 wpc
    • Rotel RDV-1040
    DVD Player
    • Sony PS3
    • B&W CDM-9nt
    Front Channels
    • B&W CDM-Cnt
    Center Channel
    • B&W CDM-1nt
    Rear Channels
    • Velodyne SPL-1000
    • Adcom GFA-7805
    300 WPC

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Gentlemen, gentlemen, let's try to keep this thread on topic, shall we? This is about Jo's Fist System. Let's try to find out what he finds so frustrating/aggravating about it in order to solve his issues. Isn't that what forums and fellowship are all about?


"My Fist System"

What is a fist system? Do you clench your fists anxiously while listening? Does the system make you angry when you hear it? Do you have to fight for listening time? What gives?