So this is my first HiFi system. I have been working on it since 2004 when I purchased my Rotel RSX-1067 and my Velodyne sub. I had been running Kenwood front channels for years, but finally, after getting my first REAL job, I was able to purchase a good set of B&W speakers.

This system is intended for home theater use, but will handle 2 channel playback that sounds pretty good for what it is. The RSX-1067 is driving 100wpc and drives all the speakers well, except I think the 9NTs could use a little more power. To that effect, I just purchased a ADCOM GFA-7805 that I have not been able to hook up yet. Its out for repairs.

The entertainment center is custom built and suspended by a single pole. This feature allows the whole station to swivel 25 degrees, which is great for working behind the system.

UPDATE: Added an ADCOM GFA-7805 to my system and its awesome. However now whenever I switch functions I get a "pop" sound. Not sure what is causing it. Any ideas?

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 12’

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    • Rotel RSX-1065
    7.1 receiver 100 wpc
    • Rotel RDV-1040
    DVD Player
    • Sony PS3
    • B&W CDM-9nt
    Front Channels
    • B&W CDM-Cnt
    Center Channel
    • B&W CDM-1nt
    Rear Channels
    • Velodyne SPL-1000
    • Adcom GFA-7805
    300 WPC

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Cool starter rig - but those are not starter speakers those are pretty good I have heard them. Anyone that builds, services, works on robots is super smaart. I can tell you that B&W's will love some tubes inserted anywhere and repay in kindness 10 fold. They're voiced for tubes. Gets some tubes in that system and you will look me up and thank me profusely ;)

Here you go right after your pre/pro and before your amp is a nice reasonable priced option for you that will knock your socks off... Insert a Class A Single Ended Triode Output stage that is pretty much what a modder would build right into the back of your pre/pro but this one is simple /external so just plug and play and its not expensive considering it will make your HT/stereo sound great. It was my first real mind blowing add I made when I had an all solid state front end.

Its called a Decware ZSTAGE. You find them used on the gon, the bay or even the oem Decware forum site for $300 - $400 and I promise you will love it. B&W w/all solid state given a proper insertion of tubes = happiness :)

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