This all started when my teenage daughters asked for a stereo system in their bedroom. I climbed up into the attic and brought down some old equipment, which they marveled at and loved. Then my twin ten year old boys asked for a stereo system too. One more trip into the attic for some vintage equipment that we connected to an entry level Music Hall turntable. This created twin vinyl junkies. When I started hanging out in my kids' room to bathe in stereo, it was clearly time to create another two channel system elsewhere. So, I stuck my toe back into the water, removing my aging 5.1 channel HT system, and "upgraded" to stereo. The Linn and NAD are Audiogon purchased components. The PSB Imagine T speakers and REL R-328 subwoofer came from Audio Concepts in Dallas. The DacMagic is from Audigon and we use it for the Apple TV and DVR signals. The NAD and Linn interconnect directly. We'll see what the future holds, but for now happily listening to stacks of Redbook CDs (they sound surprise) and reading reviews on SACDs on the acquisition list. Thoroughly enjoying the new journey.

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    • Linn Unidisk 1.1
    SACD, CD, DVD-A, DVD-V Universal Player
    • NAD C375BEE
    2 Channel Stereo Integrated Amplifier
    • PSB Imagine T
    Tower Speakers
    • REL Acoustics R-328
    350W Sub-Bass System
    • Apple TV 1st Generation
    Digital Music
    • Cambridge Audio DacMagic
    • Linn Black
    • Blue Jeans Cable LC-1
    Low Capacitance Cable
    • Blue Jeans Cable BJC Twelve White
    Belden 5000OE 12AWG
    • Panamax M4300-EX
    Power Conditioner

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What about C356. No power like C375 but better soundstage.


I appreciate your input and I put this on virtual systems at your suggestion. I agree that the subwoofer is probably overkill. I'm waiting to move it into another room when I find the right monitors for my study. FYI, just took my boys to Murfin Audio in McKinney. They had a blast looking at all Frank's equipment. Thanks for that recommendation too.

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Great equipment choices. The NAD C375 is a giant killer and far better than the lesser NAD amps. I'm also a fan of BJ cable. I'm sure it sounds great. I doubt you need the sub though. Very nice system, congrats!


Mjcmt; Thanks for your response. My boys are eleven. They love music. You're absolutely right about contemporary envy. Just gave them Green Day, Coldplay, Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Miles Davis and Lee Morgan all in vinyl. BTW, from the twins' school band teacher I heard the following: He asked the band if anyone could name a famous jazz musician. One twin raises his hand and says, "Miles Davis." "Very good," replies the teacher. The other twin raises his hand and says, "Lee Morgan." "Wow, that's great, " the teacher responds. The first twin raises his hand again and says, "Dave Brubeck." The teacher laughs and says, "Boys, that's not normal, but terrific just the same!"

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Sounds like you jumped in head first, not just a toe in the water. I don't know your boys age but I'll bet they are the envy and are really enjoying vinyl, because lots of contemporary bands release in vinyl too.
Incidentally, great system and way better than my aging partial-kit.


Thank you Devilboy. Happy Holidays to you!

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Nice story. Welcome back!


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