So I'm starting to build up my first tube system. Going to add a phono stage next and a better DAC than what's currently in there and power cables. I'll post pics as soon as I can.

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    • Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum
    Cronus Magnum Integrated Amplifier with Tung Sol KT 120 output tubes
    • VPI Industries Scout
    VPI Scout Turntable
    • VPI Industries JMW Memorial
    JMW-9 Memorial 9" Tonearm
    • Grado Reference Master
    Grado wood body Reference Master cartridge
    • Vandersteen 2ce Sig II
    2ce Signature II
    • Anti-Cable Anti IC's
    .75 Meter Anti-Cable Anti IC with Eichmann Bullet RCA's
    • Anti-Cable Anti-Cables
    Anti-Cable 1/2" spade Amp end, Vandersteen/ vintage spade on speaker end, bi-wire.
    • VPI Industries HW-16.5
    Record Washer

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good choice on the vandersteen 2 and the rogue have both for your phono and dac give musical surrounding nova II and ayer codex dac a listenĀ 
the Nova runs on batteries super quiet ever flexible for any cartridge
the codex really expanded the sound stage on cd and great DSDĀ 

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Congrats on using Rogue! I've been very happy with them and don't plan on leaving in the foreseeable future. Consider their Ares phono stage, i've owned it for about a year very happy


Another plus for your new tube have less need to use the fireplace. Happy listening.


Looks nice!

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System edited: Some pics of the system. Rung in, burned in, sounding great!


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