This is a high performance, modest cost audiophile desktop stereo music system. Wonderful, natural, and highly realistic near-field listening. Has plenty enough power to fill even a medium sized room.

Just add a computer, a network server, music player, or any USB or analog digital source. Play streaming music from online services, high resolution downloads, ripped CDs, or connect your music pocket player or dock and play your Mp3 collection.

High resolution files really come through on this gear with the 24 bit DAC. Also 16 bit compatible.

Listen with headphones only using the built-in high quality headphone amp. Or rock a party with the transparent sound and deep, tight bass.

Even with all new gear this costs less than most used systems with equal power and similar fidelity. This system erases the gap between computer speakers and audiophile home stereo.

Everything to set up is included. Immediately available, off the shelf, brand new gear. I love this sound and I have owned systems costing over ten times the price.

I have this system at home and I will gladly provide you one like it. Try for yourself. Audition at home with a 30 day money back guarantee. I'm an Audioengine Authorized Dealer. Full specs, details, and reviews are available on

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    • Audioengine D1
    24 bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
    • Audioengine N22
    Premium Desktop Audio/Headphone Amplifier
    • Audioengine P4 Bamboo (Pair)
    Four-inch Passive Bookshelf Speakers
    • Audioengine S8
    Powered Subwoofer
    • Sennheiser HD600
    • Audioengine DS2
    P4 Desktop Speaker Stand

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