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Dimensions: 20’ × 11’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Sonographe SG-3
    Awesome Table with great sentimental attachment
    • Ortofon Kontrapunkt
    It has amazingly musical reproduction
    • Apple Mac Mini
    Ripped all my CD's on my computer in AIFF and it works great for everything
    • Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 DSD SE
    • Conrad Johnson Motif MC-7 Bill Thallman Hotrod
    This unit is unbelievably good, it is 2 separate preamps with individual volume and input selectors sharing a power supply, just back from getting a bunch of upgrades
    • Mark Levinson 332.5
    I love the way this amp just throws music at me
    • Usher CP-8571's with Diamond tweeters
    I got these at a good deal and their exceptionally well integrated
    • Velodyne SMS-1
    This unit is amazing it not only features all the tuning but also provides remote control bass and crossover frequency which is awesome as you switch music genres.
    • Choosing new subs. Probably custom building 2 10's in each corner
    • PS Audio P-1200
    I really love what this unit does for everything!!! These units are unbelievable
    • Nordost Heimdall
    I use all Heimdall interconnects and speaker cables
    • Tara Labs RSC Air power cables
    I use 4 of these on my preamp subs and bluray player
    • Good Ol' Fashioned Bully Mut Cassidy
    My faithful dog Cassidy, she guards the system and me. Loveable and trained to go nowhere near the stereo gear. We were playing once and the ball came a foot from the HI-FI and she wasnt going there excited as she was! Every system needs a loveable companion who has even higher extended hearing than your significant other and usually appreciates it more although she usually wants me to turn down the car stereo. To Quote Sublime "I LOVE I LOVE MY DOG, YES I LOVE I LOVE MY DOOOOOGGG and I LOVE I LOVE MY DOG!

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I think the freight train turned over or something ;)

Nice system, enjoy!


Sorry it's been so long for a response. The MC-7 is an exceptional unit!! However, yes you will find it a pain matching gain but after a while incomes natural, I use my Mac mini for music so I just use the inferior volume control on iTunes (I can't hear a difference, does ahpnything else matter).

As far as gain goes, Holy cow batman,this thing has so much gain its INSANE!! Phono I don't think quite as much but the linestage gain MORE than makes up for it.


It's always interesting to see the following of a product and maintained
interest after so long...25 years. Back in the mid 80s, when I had the ARC SP-
10, and a friend had the CJ Premier 3, he then changed to the MC7 and swore
it was superior to the P3. I found that hard to believe. Unfortunately, he sold
the P3 before I could hear the comparison and decide for myself.

After going through the ARC, BAT, Aria/Counterpoint preamps for 25 years, I
have been on the lookout for the perfect "budget" preamp
(actually I only need a line stage) for a second (apartment size) system.

The Counterpoint SA-5 at $1100 unmodified continues to tear up the
competition, including the ARC LS5 that I praised and praised in these forums.
The SA-5 lacks the extension and detail at the frequency extremes and it is a
bit noisy (probably due to old tubes) but wow, this is a most musical product.
I got a local friend addicted to this too and he got one as well. I am debating
to upgrade the SA-5's power transformer to the Plitron as I know its magical
results in the Counterpoint SA-2.

As I pondered on what to do with the SA-5, I took delivery of a MC7 in
excellent condition. I felt my system was a bit too much of a good thing
(kinda tubey) so I thought I'd try the MC7. This is an exceptional piece! I
expected the 3D to collapse but it is mighty good here. Not quite the SA-5
but far better extension and super low noise than the SA-5. This was a much
better match with my system to counterbalance the goods/bads. I will listen
to this more and more and then return to the SA-5 to make any additional
comparison comments.

One thing about the MC7 - having two non-stepped volume controls is a
pain! At least with the Asethetix Callisto's two controls, they were stepped so
it was easy to match the levels. And second, only one line source is available
here. The selector switch has settings to monitor the Phono or the Line
through the tape device....but who cares! A second line source would be so
much nicer.


Congrats on the rebuild rig, it looks like you have a lot of bang for the buck here. I've now been bitten by the economy too and I'm looking to downsize. I am considering a Motif MC-7 preamp and was wondering if you had any specs on it, like how much gain it has. Looking at partnering it with a Coda Model 11 power amp and Soliloquy 6.3i speakers.


System edited: Man its coming along fast. I never thought I would get here this quick. Some awesome cables and Im golden


System edited: I am starting to finish up after getting back into audio porn again, I feel I have hit a brick wall of diminishing results. When I get some more money I want to get a Velodyne SMS-1 another HGS-12 Subwoofer. Send my Amp and Preamp to Bill Thallman for a much deserved 20 year service and Hotrodding. And I am thinking about getting a pair of MIT 750 Shotgun Speaker cables as their in my budget and would match the 330's probably in musicality and not be too revealing. Ah and then Ill be at a point where I can feel I have a very nice system that will hopefully mate as perfect as I hope and I can be done. I wanted to incorporate tubes into the system but I just cant afford it and my Preamp is Phenomenal so it cant go and I really dont want to spend 3K on an amp. I thought about it and my gear mates up well. Sometimes its best to be happy with what you have, Besides I want but dont want a 100LB+ amp (My back hurts just thinking about it, no ones around when you need a hand moving gear)


System edited: So I now have the system pretty much dialed. My only long term plans are cables, Sending the Preamp and amp(s) (Maybe getting another MF200) to Bill Thallman for Upgrading/Restoration locking me into this awesome system forever. I was also thinking another Velodyne HGS12 so I have one for each channel and Hot-Rodding my B&W Matrix 804's with better internal speaker cable and maybe better caps in the crossover. But man she is sounding good. The Phonostage on the Motif is AWESOME!!!


System edited: Shes Coming along. Just Scored A Sonographe SG3 and a Ortofon Kontrapunkt Cartridge. And I just Scored and got a Motif MC-7 Preamp coming next week. Oh and I just got a Zoethecus 4 Shelf rack. Its amazing how it actually makes a real and legitamate upgrade and looks purty too


System edited: I need advice on a Full function Gem Preamp in the 700-1200 Range. I am looking at The CJ Premier 3 and also the Premier Ten with a seperate Phono. I am interested in the older CAT SL-1's and I would kill for an Conrad Johnson Evolution 20. I just know its the one for some reason. I dont know why I just do. you ever get that?


System edited: Ok So Im keeping the amp, Speakers and sub till i can find a HGS18, Looking into a Mcintosh C29 Preamp or Conrad Johnson PV11. I am also Deciding between a HRT Streamer II+ and a Istreamer (None of my music is 24/96 does that matter?)


System edited: I sold all my gear as the economy hit, Now Im gonna rebuild bigger and better and badder than ever before. I listen to rock rap and alot of other stuff in that order I am currently saving for a Conrad Johnson MF-200 Amp and PV11 or Premier 10 Preamp I have been looking at the underwood HIFI Modified PS Audio Digital Link III as I need a DAC with a USB I like the velodyne HGS18's as there about a $900 used and there just 2 hours away if it breaks I have been looking at aerials 10T and some of the older genesis speakers (Way out of my range but man Arnie Nudell when he was pissed and had to prove himself again probably built a hell of a speaker)


im 20 poor and have great taste ouch!!!!

I can relate!!! (What is it about us 20somethings and our Conrads)

Nice system btw.


hey, know how you feel, I'm in a similar situtation. Growing DVD collection and Ststem take all my money. I would not claim I have great taste, but I know what I like.


nice system,no wonder your poor,,,,please tell us what music you like and how your system sounds,and why you want to upgrade everything!!


taste doesnt belong to be associated with music, and i think taste is something wealthy people have for wine.

nice system, what kind of music do you play on it? pictures?


Nice system. Do have everything plugged into the Equitech? Did you experience any difference with the amps, or just the CDP? Does it compress the dynamics of the amps? I'm thinking about buying one. Thanks!


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