System has been updated over the years through many changes in gears. The current set up has been here since 2012 and I have been stopped changing gears since then.

Latest photos coming soon.

This system is mainly for 2 channel music listening and about 30% for Movie. I've been putting this together for about three years now. After trying a number of solid state amps, I have been parked with Lamm for the "Sometimes called hash/edgy" N802 B&W. This is just my personal opinion.

For movie, I think nothing can beat the Stewart screen.

Lastly, those Auralex room treatments really help a lot. Without room treatment, you are not getting the full benefit of your gears.

Happy listening.

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    • Tube Research Labs GT-400
    400 W class A,100% tube mono blocks. Tube input and tube output. total of 48 tubes with KT-150.
    • Otari MX-5050 BIII-2
    Reel to reel player
    • EMM Labs Combo CDSD and DCC2
    Combo set CD player at 192 KHz sample
    • Tube Research Labs All tube Pre-amp
    2 channel tube pre-amp with 100% hand wiring.
    • Magneplanar MG-20.1
    Front speakers
    • B&W SCMS
    Front/Rear/surround speakers
    • B&W HTM-1
    Center speaker
    • Velodyne DD-18
    Best sub ever heard
    • FIM Gold series
    All interconnects are FIM Reference Gold.
    • FIM Gold Series
    All speaker cables are FIM Reference Gold.
    • OPPO 103
    Blue ray player (1080p/24fps)
    • Krell HTS 7.1
    7.1 AC-3 and DTS controller
    • Krell TAS
    5 channels power amp for surrounding system.
    • Optoma HD-93
    1080p 3D DLP projector
    • Stewart Filmscreen GrayHawk RS G3
    110" Luxus Deluxe Fixed screen. HDTV format - 16:9/1.78:1
    • Motorola QIP6416 Hybrid QAM/IP Set-top
    HDTV receiver + DVR
    • Auralex Sonoflat and LENRD bass traps
    All room treatments are Auralex
    • Element cables Terminator
    All power cables are Elememt.
    • Lovan 5 shelves
    Lovan audio shelves

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great speaker, not sure if your Lamm has enough power to drive them thou.


What about the Avalon Eidolon?


Either the Guarneri's (with subs), the Sophoas or the Ascendants from Avalon fall within that investment range - you won't regret it.


Ok, I am looking for a pair around $10k or less used. What would be my best option?


I have Sonus Faber Guarneris and are trully magical and could surely be an option to you. I also heard Lamm with Wilson at the CES this year and was one of the best rooms IMO, I also like Genesis and Avalon - just be sure to listen them first so you can build your own decision.


Flg2001, thanks for the compliment. With B&W, for music is ok, for movie is good. I am looking around for a better pair for music. Any suggestions?


I am looking for exactly your same amps to pair my Lamm LL2 preamp, I think B&W is a wise choice fr a great all-rounder speaker. Congrats for your nice setup.


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