I trust you all are well.

I have just bought a nice pair of Wilson Audio Sophia 2 from US (thanks Adriano in LA!).

As part of this my hifi system will be moved down from second floor to our relatively small living room at the first floor.

We live in an old wooden house in southern part of Norway. Our living room downstairs is approx. 4 meters deep and 7,5 meters wide. The room is divided in two by a 1,3 meter timberwall and a free standing oven on the speaker side. The listening area will be approx. 3,7 meters wide and 4 meters deep. The roof is approx. 2,1 meters high with timber bearings.

I am in process of buying some acoustic tools to get some more control of the room frequencies. I know I will have a bass boom at the left speaker corner. The right speaker will be mounted between the Finite Elemente rack and the oven. Since the oven is free standing (approx. 15 cm of the wall), I need to modify both bass resonances and flutter due to the concrete wall behind it. Behind the listening position the windows will be covered by curtains. Suggestions are welcome!

Next step in my process of the hifi world will be byuing a new turntable. It will be either a Basis 2200 w/Vector 4 arm or a TW Acustic Raven w/Graham II arm mounted on a wall shelf from Finite Elemente.

After that its amplifier time.. and a Burmester 011 and 911mk3..

Enclosed you will find some pictures of our living room. I will post a room scetch too.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Cheeers, Toffen, Lillesand, Norway

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    • Burmester Audio 061
    Burmester 061 new model
    • Burmester Audio 051
    Burmester 051 - the new integrated amp
    • Wilson Audio Sophia 2
    Wilson Audio Sophia 2
    • Nordost Tyr
    Nordost Tyr balanced interconnects
    • Nordost Tyr
    Nordost Tyr speaker cables
    • Finite Elemente Pagode
    Finite Elemente Pagode with Cerapuc feets
    • Nordost Thor
    Nordost Thor power purifier
    • Revox B-77 high speed
    Revox B77Mk2 2 track reel to reel

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how is it coming along? very cool house by the way.



New amp; Burmester 032. Working on Burmester 911mk3 and 011. I am hoping for a lotto deal!

Buying a TW Acustic Raven One with either a Graham Phantom II or Triplanar arm in the new year :)

Cheeers, ToffenG


I'd flip the room around - speakers up against the window and listening position in the open area (with space behind your head being essential - no wall or windows nearby). If you don't like the couch in the middle of the room then get a small listening chair and put the couch up against the far wall (where you have a speaker on an ottoman currently).

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I have now received the speakers, and I have done the WASP test. The neutrality zone starts approx. 40 cm away from the back wall and 50 cm from the side wall (left channel). The neutrality zone by the oven is different, as the font of the speaker is in front the oven. I am not sure about the inner neautrality zone yet. Working on that.

I havea bass boost at the left speaker, so I need a basstrap there. Its a little flutter effect at the listening position, and I think this is foremost due to the windows behind the sofa. I will buy a curtain to cover the entire back wall behind the sofa incl the windows. The curtain can be drawn away ofcourse.

The sound of the speakers are just amazing, especially the mid range. Its great potential in both the bass and treble when we have the room adjusted a bit.

What kind of traps do you reccommend; ASC Tube Traps / Tower Traps or Realtraps or Echo Busters?

Cheeers, Toffen G


May I envy you the nice wooden house and, why not, the Revox! I like the heater in the 4th pic.
For the listening area, all you need is very careful spkr set-up & you'll be OK. Start with the Sophia ¬1,6m between them.


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