About 1%  of equipment owned over the years. 
Just random pics over time for my own enjoyment. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 26’ × 19’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 sig
    tube/fet hybrid with signature upgrades.
    • Proceed PDT-3
    Digital transport with all type outputs.
    • Krell Studio 1
    64x sampling, DSP chipset, 4 dac balanced operation.
    • Balanced Audio Balanced Audio VK-3i
    6922, 6v6GT based tube pre-amp.
    Fully balanced operation, Remote and Phono.
    • Balanced Audio VK-200
    100w x 2 conservatively rated.
    • Thiel Audio CS-3.6
    Coherent source Time & Phase aligned 3 way design w/passive radiator.
    • Paragon Acoustics Regent
    MTM design / (2)Dynaudio 6.5
    • Denon DVD-2900
    SACD, DVD-A, CD, DVD...etc.
    • PS Audio PCA-2
    SE and Balanced full function w/remote. Keep an eye on these!
    • PS Audio HCA-2
    150 wpc. SDAT Hybrid Stereophile
    • Halo SPM-25GT
    Built by Antique Sound Labs for a Canadian retailer.
    25 wpc. KT-88 based mono blocks.
    will allow power tube rolling, 6550 & EL-34.
    *can be seen in photo of HCA-2
    • JM Labs Cobalt 806
    These`are actually the 806 Signaturess. WOW is what they do!
    • JM Labs SW-800S
    • JM Labs Cobalt 826
    These are actually the 826S Signature models. 3-way slim-line with W-cone bass & mids with the Tioxid-5 tweeters.
    • Consonance Opera Reference 880
    70 wpc integrated, remote control, auto-biasing that can run EL34, 6550 & KT88 tubes. Built like a tank.
    • Consonance Opera Ref.880
    another view
    • DIY Cabasse full range monitor
    Custom made Cabasse driver large size monitor. Uses Cabasse 21M18 / 8
    • Rega Apollo
    • Focal Aria 5 & Sub 12's
    Aria 5 MTM Sub 12
    • Consonance / Opera Eric-1
    2-way monitor with SEAS tweeter and a customer made woofer by designer. Another big WOW from the far east.
    • JungSon JA-88D
    80 wpc.

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You mean the Paragon Regents?
I wish I had pictures from when all the Krell gear was here and was running Wilson W/P 3.2 with a pair of Logan CLS IIz's sitting back in the corners......before my investment into a digital camera and before the wife moved into my house.


Those are some expensive bass traps in the corner.
Seriously though, great stuff.


I see you have the Paragon Regent speakers.

I have always loved their sound. To bad they went out of business because they really were able to do magic with dynaudio drivers. I sold a pair at a small audio salon in Chicago and was sad to see them go. One of the best.

With all your gear changes over the years how does the Apollo compare to others you have had?


is that Aria 5 a kit from Zalytron? i know they have a kit by that name. how do you like it?


System edited: Again?


System edited: where am i going, someone please stop the merry go round!


A lot of really nice stuff! I'm especially interested in the SFL-1 and how it performs in your system or compared to the PCA-2.


System note: Everything in this system has changed in the past 3 years. Figures! addicts can never leave things alone!


It was nice to stumble across this today. I've been wondering how you are. I hope things are looking up for you since the tragedy of the attacks. I'd like to see your name on the threads again. You are/were an asset to this website!


Hello Krellpower1,
Good to hear from you!
Sad to say that my Krell system is all gone. I thought I'd never let it go but lost my job after 9/11 and needed to have security money for mortgage, etc....................
I'm glad to hear you still have my old rig though! When things get better I may want it back!!!(just kidding)

I've thought about upgrading to the VK-5i but can not afford it just yet. I know it's better than the VK-3i but that 3i sings with the NOS tubes in it. As for the Regents, they amaze me on my jazz an acoustic cd's. They do "all" music a great justice but can image their butts off with well recorded and staged jazz. Not that the Thiels are any slouches in the imaging department! but the dual Dynaudio 6.5" woofers create a warmer and larger stage presentation. It's a real shame that "Paragon Acoustics" went out of business. They had some real stellar performers in the "Regents" and the "Jubilee/Jems", which I've always wanted to get my hands on. The J/J's smoked the Wilson W/P's IMHO!!!!

"If you can make music, share the passion. If you can't make music, Listen to it with passion!"


Nice system! I bet it does sound very nice. What happened to your older all Krell system? Still have it or what? I still have your old MDA-300's and KRC pre. Still loving it as much as the day I bought it. What music do you like the Regents for? I had a chance to listen to them at my local Salon a few years back. WOW, lots of speaker for the money!

ps: you would love a VK-5i in your system. My son has it and the VK-200 driving the same speakers(CS3.6) and it sounds pretty amazing in his room.


System edited: I noticed that the S.F.Line 1 was in the system pictures. The BAT VK-3i is now back on top. Notice the VK-3i's picture above! It laughed at me from the sofa while I auditioned the Line 1. All I heard from it was,"You know you Love me Best"


System edited: pics added


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