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Room Details

Dimensions: 27’ × 20’  X large
Ceiling: N/A

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    • Volent VL-2
    Ribbon Tweeter and Graphite/Titanium woofer
    • REL Acoustics B2 Brittania
    Running 2 in Stereo
    • Aesthetix Saturn Calypso Sig
    I didn't realize what the rest of the components in this system could do until switching to the Calypso.
    • Aesthetix Rhea Eclipse
    What a fantastic piece that was selected to match the Calypso...just makes vinyl so textured and interesting.

    2016 - Very musical and a great color palette 
    • Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse
    2017 - Recently upgraded.  Very detailed and musical
    • Walker Audio Procession Phono Amp
    So different from the Rhea Eclipse.  I can't believe I own both and each is so good, but different than the other.  Infinite loading is a revelation.  The jury is still out on which I prefer.  Maybe I'll keep both?
    • Dynavector DRT-XV1s
    Still my standard
    • Micro Seiki RXV-1500
    Modified with brass footers and Starsound record weight...better than the vacuum hold down
    • Microseiki 505 Mk I
    So far a real find. Soon to have a second one for a Benz H2 cartridge
    • Auralic Aries
    Controlled with Roon and leashed to DAC via Audioquest Diamond USB.  Sounds best when wired and using Audioquest Vodka to do that.
    • PS Audio DirectStream DAC
    Their latest software has always been suprior, so generally the latest is installed
    • Musical Fidelity A5
    Today this acts as transport only into my DAC - Does anyone listen to CD anymore?
    • Sennheiser HD650
    Headphones w/Stephan Equinox Cable
    • Singlepower PPX3
    Headphone amp
    • Quadrant Systems Speaker and Interconnects
    Small manufacturer whos wires have blown away the competition at the price point...very pleased!
    • Synergistic Research Outlets
    Dedicated 20A lines to each amp, then a run for analoge and another for digital
    • Shunyata Research Denali 2000T
    For Atlas Amp and Rel Subs (run from a PS Audio Power Strip)
    • Shunyata Research Denali 6000T
    Behind the wall of my components
    • Small Green Computer SonicTransport i5
    I'll use this post to also list the rest of my random digital chain - Regen, Jitterbugs and maybe a power supply soon.  Tidal streaming and Netgear NAS for music.

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Chad what are your room dimensions?

Working on room acoustics and taking notes.

Systems looks great.


Still listening to the Volent speakers?


Nice upgrade Chade.

I think that was a good decision based on the details from Rogue site.



Did not realize you had the Rogue M-150s that is a great match with the Merlins and Ushers. And I do believe in providing monos to the smaller monitor speakers to get the best performance.

I also looked at Aesthetix Calypso and Shindo Preamps but at the last minute went with the McIntosh C500.


Chad give us the scope on the change to Merlins Monitor.


Well done. Got to love the tubes with monitors.