First Attempt at Hi Fi

I live in Bangkok Thailand and I’m currently building my first Hi Fi system. Well actually, this is my second attempt. The first was a Mid Fi system that didn’t last very long. After reading numerous magazines, websites, reviews, etc upgrades were surely to happen. So here it is my first attempt.

There are quite a bit of Hi Fi shops here in Bangkok but not all are very helpful. Luckily, I was able to find a shop that has been around for years that was able to give me advices and numerous listens. So I think I’m done for now and would like to just focus on happy listening and building my CD collection.

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    • CEC TL51Z
    Belt Drive CDP
    • Krell KAV 400XI
    Good power with authority
    • Spendor S 3/5
    Great little monitor... a classic
    • Shunyata Hydra 4
    Read all the good reviews so decided to give it a go... no regret at all
    • Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II (Balanced)
    Did wonders for the system
    • Acoustic Zen Satori
    Single run... great match with the Matrix
    • Acoustic Zen Tsunami Plus II
    Used with integrated amplifier and CDP
    • Shunyata Taipan Alpha
    Used with Shunyata Hydra Model 4 to outlet
    • Partington Super Dreadnought Speaker Stand
    Purchased with the speakers... looks great
    • Schroers & Schroers Triga 2
    System rack... just beauiful
    • Shunyata Venom Outlet
    Purchased with the Hydra 4

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Yep, I agree. Looks nice. But you definitely need some more furnishings to flesh out the sound. Rugs and curtains are a good place to start. And maybe some heavy tapestries on the wall. Your pics remind me of a scaled down version of my room. When I first set up the system years ago it sounded absolutely horrible until I got some "stuff" in it.