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    • Marantz SA8260
    The SA8260 features Multi/Two-Channel SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW Playback to accommodate both the latter and next-generation audio (SACD) formats which are complimented by the High-Definition Amplifier Modules (HDAM). The HDAM modules internally contained within the SA8260 compliment and thereby enhances the sonic resolution and realism for the most accurate rendition of playback available - just as the artist intended their recording to be heard.

    Multi/Two-Channel SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW Playback
    Marantz Original Hi-Accuracy SACD Drive Module
    Identical Discrete Multi-Channel Audio Circuit
    Current Feedback HDAM Circuit for all Analog Audio Output
    Superb Quality CS4397 DAC by Cirrus Logic Inc.
    Ample Grade EI-type Power Transformer
    Marantz Original Audio Grade Capacitors
    “Zero-Impedance” Copper Ground Plate for Analog Output Terminals
    Double-Layered Chassis Construction
    Hi-Quality Headphone Output
    SACD/CD-Text Display
    Timer Play function
    6ch Analog Audio Output: x1
    Digital Audio Output
    Coaxial: x1
    Optical: x1
    Headphone: Input:x1
    Remote In: x1
    Remote Out: x1
    Signal Format 1-bit DSD
    Sampling Frequency: 2.8224MHz
    Output level (1kHz): 2.2Vrms
    Frequency Range: 2Hz – 100kHz
    Frequency Response: 2Hz – 50kHz(-3dB)
    Dynamic Range: 113dB
    THD (1kHz): 0.0015%
    Signal Format 16-bit Linear PCM
    Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
    Output level (1kHz): 2.2Vrms
    Frequency Range: 2Hz – 20kHz
    Frequency Response: 2Hz – 20kHz
    Dynamic Range: 100dB
    THD (1kHz): 0.0020%
    Front Panel: Aluminum
    Remote Control: RC8260SA
    Power Requirements: AC120V 60Hz
    Power Consumption (On / Standby):28W / [lessthansign]0.8W
    Dimensions (W x H x D):17 5/16
    • Space-Tech Hi-End Audio Laboratory DA-64X-T
    23bit 64x over-sampling digital-analog converter with tube output
    This is one of our state-of-the-art designed D/A converter having a resolution of 23 bits and 2,822 Khz (44.1Khz x 64= 2.822Mhz) re-sampling frequency that can completely eliminate digital noise from original CD data. Between each original data, 63 more data are calculated and inserted to complete the music signal which serves to bring back an LP smoothness and warmth in music. 8 ASP (audio signal processors) are installed in this design to recalculate harmonic response up to 70Khz to assure correct reproduction of music ( equivalent or better than the best quality MC cartridges).True balanced tube output stage has equipped to ensure best dynamic , best sonic performance as well as low output driving impedance .
    • Axiom Audio M-80ti
    Millennia M80ti Tower
    • Space-Tech Hi-End Audio Laboratory QA-118-SP
    This is our most high-end model of 1xx series, which composes of totally 11 tubes to make this superior performance pre-amplifier. The total tube rolling combination is more than 120,000 possibilities. The first row of tube use very high grade Mullard EL32(CV-1052) as front end amplification stage, it can also replace with those 6G6G/6L6G/6V6G/6K6G/6F6G/6Y6G/EL34/6550/KT66 and their equivalents. This section contribute about 40% tonal quality of the whole pre-amp. Then the 2nd stage use NOS 6G6G as intermediate amplification section, which also can replace with 6L6G/6V6G.......etc. This section contribute around 20% of the overall tonal quality. Then the 3rd stage is the high current output stage, which can also use all the 6G6G/6Y6G.....KT88/KT100...etc, and the special part is they can use mixed tubes, which is you can use two 6L6G to work with two KT88 in this section, then you can easily get both tube type's tonal character to fine-tune your system. The tube rectifier use standard 5U4G, and a diode/tube selection switch is equipped to let you choose between (pure tube)/(diode+tube)/(diode only) rectification. There is another switch which can set the music regeneration pace to faster /standard response, by all the tubes rolling capabilities and these two special switches, which can best adapt to both classical music, instrumental, opera, vocal, country, jazz, blue, pop, rock, new age...etc. This pre-amp can easily beat down any existing pre-amp in this whole world by using the right tube combinations. For the higher the flexibility in fine-tuning, the higher the chance to approach perfection. You will find out those other pre's in the market which asking for big money, but can't even give you any flexibility to alter the tonal quality is just worth nothing but empty promises. This pre-amp is use the most purest
    • Space-Tech Hi-End Audio Laboratory SE-300B-BAL
    8W x 2 single-ended power amplifier with balanced input This is one of our state-of-the-art single-ended power amplifier, using the most common medium power tube 300B as the output tube, high grade silicon-steel 15W single-ended output transformer is used to ensure highest sonic quality. This amplifier can drive speaker with efficiency above 85db/W, or it can use as the second amp to drive the tweeter section of a bi-wire speaker system. The XLR balance input in this unit can further enhance the depth and width of the sound stage by 20-30%, with additional air and solidity on bass control. Definitely an up-grade from RCA input version. 4ohm or 8 ohm selectable output switch for correct impedance matching to almost any speakers. 16ohm speaker can use 8 ohm output setting for best performance. 300B has a very sweet and transparent characteristic which make it very suitable for classical music, vocal and jazz reproduction.
    • Space-Tech Hi-End Audio Laboratory HPA-180 deluxe
    180Wrms x 2 channel stereo single-ended tube hybrid power amplifier This is one of our state-of-the-art hybrid power amplifiers , that combines both the advantage of transistors (tight bass and good speaker control) and vacuum tubes (warm and sweet sound with good depth sound stage and air) . The transistor output stage is a voltage to current converter circuit without any NFB or voltage gain, so the non-linear sound of transistors can be eliminated, but left behind is the high damping factor that controls the speaker more efficiently and perfectly. The tube section is working in best sounding single-ended operation mode. If no one told you it was a hybrid amplifier and you judge the sound quality by listening only, you would believe it was a pure tube power amplifier.
    • Space-Tech Hi-End Audio Laboratory SP-ST3
    Hi-End Super tweeter module
    • Dignity Audio DA08SE

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JBL 4412 monitors? NICE!


Hi, I see you have the DA08SE , i have heard great things about this little amp, how do you like it?


things music can do to you, enjoy, nice


One of those truely enjoyable systems...

Very nice!

Kind rgrds,

Love your JBLs!


Really Nice System!!! I love Space Tech gear. I love going into Alberts shop, always something newly built to listen to. Super Nice Guy to talk to.


Hi great sound system. I see you have a older pair of JBL's. What do they sound like conpaired to today speakers?


Very nice system. How does the SA8260 sound with the tubes?


Awesome Space Tech lab collection, did you get a chance to compare it to more "commercial" products?


System edited: New system.


Damn nice!




nice system swweet, I like your cabinets too...HAPPY LISTENING!


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