Currently bi-amping Spendors off the Sony's A and B speaker terminals.

2006 will upgrade the amp. Would like to go with a tube integrated with roughly 50 watts per channel. Probably Jolida or McIntosh.

2007 upgrade interconnects / CD player.

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    • Spendor Spendor SP2/3
    Two way standmount with 8 inch woofer. BBC classic. From Manufacturer: "Without compromise to design or audio specification, the Spendor SP2/3 demonstrates the same silky smooth, neutral sound which has made it's big brother, the SP1/2 such a favorite with professionals and music aficionados the world over. Housed in a more compact enclosure, the SP2/3 is capable of dealing with the kind of demanding and revealing program material that often defeats lesser loudspeakers. As with all Spendor models, the beauty and true virtue of the SP2/3 is in what it doesn't do, such as add unnecessary distortions, colorations and dynamic inequalities which detract from the listening experience. What you hear is pure, accurate reproduction."
    • Sounds Anchors Spendor SP2/3 3 Post Stand
    10" X 12" Top 18" Tall
    • Spendor Sub-3
    Downfiring subwoofer
    • Toshiba 51H94
    51 inch rear projection CRT HDTV. Comcast HDTV local channels look amazing and INHD channel has highest quality HD material (live concert footage).
    • Sony STR-D865
    Pro Logic Receiver. 1st on upgrade list. Moving to tubes.
    • Sony CDP-C445
    5 disc carousel Redbook CD Player
    • Sony TC-W345
    Stereo cassette deck
    • Monster 16AWG
    Will upgrade to DIY Cat5e cables in the near future.
    • Monster Mini Plug to RCA
    Generic connector from PC to Receiver

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The Cary will Trounce the Jolida on its worst day. Buy a used one with the Oil Caps upgrade here on Audiogon. Then do a little tube rolling and you will have a component that you will NEVER part with...

Good Luck!



System edited: Converted system to a 2 channel home theater to get most use out of it. Really need to upgrade the amplifier to take system to the next level. Thinking about upgrading to a Cary SLI-80 although I have never heard the combination. Any ideas about how it would compare to the Jolida 302b?


Very nice Spendors. SP 2/3s have been my mainstay speakers for 7 years, and I maintain that they are still some of the finest to be had. A word of serious warning against using Cat5-e for speaker wire. I work w/this wire every day (do custom AV installs), and trust me -- it ain't meant for speakers! I've been more than happy w/Audioquest Type 4 for years. And if you like the sound of your system now, don't change it! Happy listening.


First off I've been listening for a good 6 years now and know what it's like to be on a budget. My ear is much higher quility than my check book. That said I have also tried the cat5e approach and trust me it doesn't sound well at all. The choice of amp is definately a step in the right direction though when you compare your speakers to your amp as of current. Enjoy it when it does come in.


suggest you consider an audiomat solfege for a wonderful sounding line stage integrated with a very modest power rating of 50 watts....this unit did not give much away to an Ongaku in the same audition room...really.

would make those spendors hop


Bounty. It's the quicker picker upper.


wetting, wait till ya get to droppin the big load.......


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