this is my system. its still very simple. for some reason when i look at it it looks so bare, i think i need to add a few more components. ha! any comments as to what useful additions there might be for me at this stage would be appreciated. it sounds great to me, although i have about a months worth of upgrading left before i can say its complete(for a while at least). i will upgrade the player in a few weeks, just because its the lowest end piece in the system and im considering what other players(for music only and ill keep the dvd player a for movies as i only watch occasionally). ill also be adding a bunch more room treatment, bass traps etc, and a second subwoofer, although the james is a great little sub, i want a little more fullness in the very lowest region, so im considering another james 1000 or possibly a rel britianna B2??? not sure if even another james will do what i want, but i want to keep it cause its so fast and tight, very smooth, musical little sub.

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    • NAD 5340
    this is probably what ill upgrade next
    • Plinius 9200
    amazing power, dynamics and speed
    • Tyler Acoustics linbrook signature monitor
    ribbon mahagony,great performance, bass is fast and tight, great resolution, beautifully made.
    • James loudspeaker EMB-1000
    very tight, smooth bass. very true and musical
    • asc tube trap 11x36
    bass traps, i still have to add more,
    • Pure AV ??
    power conditioner.

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I have SEAS Froy3 speakers, similar to yours powered by a tube amp. I've always thought the Plinius 9200 would be a perfect match.


cool system. If you are looking to upgrade the sub, REL is the way to go. I have them in every system in my house. THE B2 is a great sub, but you should also look at the B3, a little less money and puts out some amazing sound.


Nice setup. How do you like the Sanus stand? I have some Mac equipment I need to place in my office and I was considering the Sanus. What do you think about it?


Very nice and simple stereo system. I'd bet it sounds excelent.


just read your response. thanks for the tip. ill try those placements of the traps. as far as the tyler linbrook monitors. i have no complaints. they re definatly the best speakers ive ever heard.(or seen) although im using them with a pretty fantastic amp, the plinius 9200. which i believe was more of a noticable improvement than the upgrade in speakers(3 previous brands). it has such dynamic power and slam. and warm and musical at the same time. its just amazing. when running the amp at a good jammin level like 1/2 volume or even 3/4, i think i get close to what feels like "concert level" sound in my house with no hint of distortion, or fatigue. i believe the amp is everything. the combination i have now is very tight and clean in the bass region, the highs are extremely detailed, and overall very warm and musical. whether its due more to the speakers or the amp, im unsure.



Mainlymusicman, how do you like the tylers? I was thinking of getting the seas odin kit, which is very similar.

About the fiberglass panels, you have to experiment on their placement. I would treat the 1st reflection point first and listen for the improvement. Then 2nd reflection point and listen and so on. Sometimes too many panels will sound worse than no panels at all. I like my front wall to be fairly dead with some diffusion and rear wall live, but you may have different preference.


by bare i meant the system, not so much the room, i dont really care what it looks like, besides i sort of moved the furniture back a bit for the picture, now i have a few posters up, etc.

but im wondering if i should add an eq, or something, ive recently added about 14 compressed fiberglass panels, 2 inches thick, 2' x 4'. i have not noticed much difference with them, i have alot in the corners and some spread along the walls. im wondering if the homade ones are as good as the more expensive real traps or asc traps, or if adding a layer of plywood on each one would improve the bass absorbtion performance???

anyone have any ideas on this?


Very nice indeed. The power of simplicity. If you feel the room a little bare, I would add some frames and plants. Also, I consider some acoustic panels. Happy listening


i got 3 new PS Audio Xstream Plus power cables from a fellow audiogoner for about $500. Worth every penny in my book. there are a few people that say power cables are snake oil but i fully disagree. With the addition of power cables it changed my mind on getting rid of my NAD reciever(for a while).


thanks, actually a power cord didnt even come with the plinius, i just used the power cord from my guitar amp, not sure of a good one to use.


Try some aftermarket power cables. i cant say enough about the difference they made for me. my low end was weak and the power cables really improved the punch and definition in the low notes. they might make you reconsider a new sub. just a thought. Justin


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