I think it is a well balance system for my taste. Some peices are 20yrs old some are a year old. I just changed a piece a year ago, my sumo pre to the lightspeed, and it has caused me to make other changes. Before this everything had stayed the same for about 15yrs, and I was happy just listening to music. I like making an upgrade but I hate the process of accessing if it is a true upgrade which takes me about 3months to a year before I am satisfied to forget about it and enjoy the music and not worrying if I have the best my money could buy. Anyway now I am looking for a transport to replace an aging but not missing a heartbeat nad 500 cdp and a well balanced amp to replace a great sumo polaris amp and then I hope I am finished for a long time.

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    • NAD 5000
    • Technics SL-1700
    DD TT
    • Ortofon OM-20 Super
    • Sumo Athena
    pre amp with phono and passive option
    • Sumo 310 POLARIS
    100 watt into 8ohms 175 into 4ohms
    • Lightspeed mkII
    • Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand
    2.5 way
    • Van Den Hul The First
    carbon fiber ic
    • Audio Metalurgy GA-0;s with wbt cu 0110
    • Audio Magic Sceptor
    copper 4 runs 14 awg with two coats of silver per spkr
    • PS Audio Xtreme Statement 2.5m
    6 awg cables
    • SID CD Mat 14
    Green cd mat
    • Belles reference150av2
    • Theta Digital Pearl
    cd transport
    • amadi maddie ref
    solid sliver in teflon tube
    • audioquest vdm5 vdm 5
    coax digital
    • sim audio moon d300 v2
    • Thiel Audio CS-2.4
    • Shunyata Research Sidewinder VTX
    three in system
    • Wireworld Silver Electra 5,2
    for my amp
    • Grannyring Dueland 16ga ic

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