Simple and budget-minded system in my lower den.

The room where I relax, drink whiskey and contemplate life or something to that effect.

I do swap the big chair around to really listen (a concession I made voluntarily to the keeper of the sexing).

Nothing flashy, as that's just for the garage. Just a simple, clean system to bring me a little peace.

I had previously used, as seen in one of the photos, Magnepan MG1.5QRs, which were quite beautiful sounding, but after I left my big Denon POA4400 mono amps behind to jump to tubes, their extremely low efficiency left a bit lost, and the direct, clear sound of the JBL's was far too enticing to go back.

This 2-channel system has gone through a dozen iterations, just like all of us fools, and will continue to change, undoubtedly, but, this setup has lasted the longest so far, and I don't feel any overwhelming desire to swap it at the moment.

ps- as people may ask, I'm using 4x Sovtek KT88's, 4x Tung Sol 6SN7's and 2x Mullard 12AX7's

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    • Pioneer Elite DV-45A
    DVD-A/SACD player
    • Yaqin MC-100B
    65w/channel KT88 based integrated tube amplifier. Dual-mono on single chassis
    • Harman Kardon T-60
    Beautiful late 70's/early 80's classic.
    • JBL L-100
    Original 1970 model with vertical alignment and full crossover network and LE20-1 tweeter.
    • Yaqin MS22B
    12AX7 Phono Pre amp.
    • Denon DL-110
    High output MC cart.

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Those old JBLs remind me of some old Sansui speakers I had about 25 to 30 years ago. I hope your JBLs are far better than those Sansui's, mine were horrible! And I could not wait to get rid of them after the first week of owning them. Of course it could very well be apples and oranges, but they look almost identical on the outsides. I found a set of old Klipsch speakers for just a few hundred bucks that pleased me very much after that, lasted me many a year. Very nice system, one does not need to spend the price of a house to enjoy hi fi! I'm sure those tubes are most pleasing, I've been wanting a second tube/analog system for as long back as I can remember!


System edited: Got around to updating the cart and pre before Christmas. Big difference in moving up from the standard AT cart and cheap BBE phono pre.


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