Upgraded equipment rack with an Audio Vault Executive Level 1 with Maple Shelves. Love the look and the sound of my gear on it. Also, purchased Klee Grand Illusion Speaker cables, Lastly waiting on Bakoon to ship the DAC 21. I will where it has been and where it is going.

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    • Antipodes DX Music Server
    The DX is a flagship music server, optimised for playback from internal solid state storage, up to 3TB, for the best possible audio performance.
    • High Resolution Technologies Music Streamer HD
    The Music Streamer HD is an ultra-high performance external sound card/digital to analog converter (DAC) that connects a computer to the analog inputs (balanced or unbalanced) of a home stereo, other entertainment system or to powered loudspeakers. USB connected and powered, the Music Streamer HD is simple to use and provides a level of performance that is almost unsurpassed at any price point. The Music Streamer HD approaches near theoretical limits for resolution and will astonish even the most demanding listener.
    • Bakoon AMR 12R
    The AMP-12R is deadly quiet for extreme resolution. Ultra-wide bandwidth translates into the absence of subliminal fuzziness. Simply put, the AMP-12R executes the delivery of sound the way an amplifier should.
    • Nanotec Systems PS # 306 Power Cords
    Nanotec has apparently done it again. They've moved up another rung on the quality ladder whilst sticking with their proven ideology of providing affordable quality through sheer ingenuity. At the moment the Power Strada #306 is only available off the spool but finishing the cable is a straightforward affair. When high-quality mesh and connectors are used, the outcome is remarkable and very competitive on price.
    • Mapleshade Double Helix MK2 Power Conditioning
    a receptacle made of the same superb polymer used in the very best audiophile caps. This multiple outlet—attached to our proprietary Double Helix wires—made any music immediately sound cleaner and punchier. I was particularly dumbfounded by how good it sounded compared to all the second-mortgage line conditioners.
    • Akiko Tuning Stick - AC
    This fantastic new product from Akiko Audio is based on one principal, cleaning noise from the ground plane of your system. The cleaner the ground, the clearer your sound. The product is available in five different variations. We recommend starting with either an AC or RCA/XLR unit, then adding a pair of the Universal to achieve maximum performance.
    • clubWood Mpingo Block Isolator/Resonators
    Effective isolator that is a great audio value and highly effective at tuning the audio system. Placed under amplifiers, Music Server, Dac, and Speakers these devices enhance the naturalness your system is capable of in a not so subtle way. Wow!
    • Scansonic MB-2.5
    The MB 2.5 has a solid foundation in the Nordic design tradition.
    It is simple, sleek, elegant and visually square when seen directly from the front, and curved and organic when seen from an angle.
    The rounded edges of the cabinet reduces diffraction and minimizes the sonic imprint on the frequency response. It does not matter if your home is modern or classic, the timeless design of the MB-2.5 will fit in any home.
    • Klee Grand Illusion Speaker Cables
    The last speaker cables I will ever buy. Enough said!
    • Audio Vault Executive Level 1 with Maple Shelves
    My 2nd investment in an equipment rack. Well worth the monies spent. Like adding a top class component.
    • Curious Cable USB Cable
    Everything they say about this cable is true.

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System edited: Upgraded to the Antipodes DX Music Server and understand why it is considered by those that have experienced a benchmark where all other music servers will be measured. Great product and very satisfied!


Hi Ivan and Mr. Paul,

I was looking to get great sonics at realistic prices. Mapleshade has won me over big time. I also recently found Korean isolators/resonators from Club Wood. Those items have impressed me mightily.

I kind of regret not having purchase the DX initially. But may at some point look to trade up when funds allow.

In the mean time I am really enjoying this system.



Stoney40 - Great looking system. I would love to hear it. I splurged for the DX as retirement is drawing near and the disposable income will be cut back. Absolutely no regrets. Compared to my laptop running JRivers there is no comparison. None, zero, zilch!! Wish I could have had the opportunity to compare it to the DXe which I believe is now the DV. Also have the Bakoon Amp-12R driving Zu Definition Mk IV speakers. The Bakoon is a great amp. I was also a long time tube guy until the Bakoon arrived. I am using an Auralic Vega DAC. For the price it is a great DAC, but it's rough edges were exposed with the tremendous increase in resolution and transparency from the DX and Bakoon.


Just now taking a closer look at this system. What a great 'outside-of-the-box' system you have here! Very well done, my kind of rig. Have always loved Mapleshade, excellent sonics for very little, but that kind of thought looks like it's been applied to the whole setup. It must sound great!!


The DXe is an incredible musical instrument and makes me wonder how much better the DX could be. But during my listening session, that thought vaporizes and I settle in to some of the most realistic music making I have ever hear.


I have now been listening to my dxe for aobut 3 weeks. I am constistantly amazed at how perfect it sounds.

Spotify sounds as good as anything .. a real marvel.

My System
Amp: Primarei30 - Silnote Poseidon GL Reference Power
CD: Primare CD31 - Cardas Cross XLR
TT: 2 x Technics 1200 MKII
TT AMP: Primare R20 - Silnote Morpheous Reference II RCA
Mixer: Ecler Nuo 2.0 -  Silnote Morpheous Reference II RCA
Server: Antipodes DXe - Cardas Clear USB
DAC: Music Fidelity M1 DAC - Kimber Kable Hero  XLR
Speakers: Epos Epic-5 - Silnote Poseidon XT Cable w/ Poseidon Ultra Jumpers


Gentlemen - The system does sound incredible. My daughter noted when visiting that it sounds like live music. I have not had the opportunity to compare the Bakoon to other amps at this time. But in the past I have owned Wyetech amps and remember my joy during the listening sessions. This system is different in that I feel a little closer to the musical event. It is hard to describe what I am hearing except to say it is a clear, clean, and utterly amazing. Even during late nights when listening at low volumes, everything is there, clarity, definition, tonal shadings, etc...


Nice system, in some ways similar to mine with its simplicity and single driver approach. The Bakoon stuff has interested me, have you been able to compare it to other amps in your setup?


Nice system! A very welcome respite from the mainstream garbage. Must sound lovely.


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