This is my humble listening room where I spend many hours before the Audio Altar. I have made my own acoustic room treatments from DuctBoard. The same thing as Corning rigid fibreglass but it has a black finish already on it. I done the whole room for $150. That included the 6inch bass traps in the corner and there's two treatments behind the curtains. After the room treatments where added the imaging was increadible. It was the best improvement I've ever heard. I didn't know that room treatments could make such a huge difference. I've also run a dedicated power supply for my CD player. The depth and width of the stage grew quite alot after that. So far I've been blessed with this system and with a friend that is an audiophile guru and bring over ICs and power cords to test out. It has so far saved me alot of time and money with searching for the right upgrades. I hope you enjoy the photos. zmanastronomy

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    • Custom 2024 Tripath
    No expense was spared in the building of this amp.
    24v battery power, Cardas binding posts, Fururtech RCA inputs. Very lively and neutral.
    • PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC

    I've heard DSD for the first time without resampling on my system today with this DAC.

    Sounds a lot better than I expected.

    • JW Audio Cryo Nova
    These are a great upgrade to my system.
    • JW Audio Reference
    These are a great improvement in my system.
    • JW Audio The Rock
    I built this rack myself. It turned out much better than I expected.
    • Gallo TR3d
    The Gallo sub is one of the only subs that can sound better than a floor standing speaker. It is so fast and clean, it's hard to make it sound bad. Integration with stand mounted speakers is too easy.
    • Elrod EPS-2 Signature
    I now have 4 Elrod signature PC's in my system. They have done wonders to my system.
    • Signal Transformer DU-2 (2000va)
    I have this isolation transformer wired in balanced mode. The noise floor droped considerably.
    I built this box to hide it.
    • Signal Transformer DU-5 (5KVA)
    I've added a second balanced transformer to my system. It's for my amp. Words can't describe the improvement it made. I am stunned.
    • William Schaefer Audio Design 4 column
    This is one very heavy duty stand. Filled with lead and sand, they weigh in at 105lbs each.
    • My Room Treatments
    Finnaly there's the treated room. THE biggest sonic upgrade I ever made. I didn't realize what I was missing until I added treatments. The imaging got so good I couldn't believe what I was hearing. If you've got a mega bucks system and don't have a treated room you're only tapping into 50% of the systems potential. I'm glad I took the step and treated my room. My meager system sounds the best it can now. I hope you enjoy the system photos and my attempt to write something. Thanks. zman
    • PorterPort Cryo treated AC outlet
    I use a dedicated AC line with a a PorterPort that Albert sent to me from Here at AG. The improvments in my system was a great leap forward. Without this outlet, I could have never accomplished what I have.
    • Custom LDR Tortuga
    Wonderfully transparent.
    • Sonus Faber Venere

    I just bought these based on reviews and I am very glad I did.

    They sound as good as they look. They didn't overwhelm my small room either. I've learned that front ported speakers are much better for a small room than rear ported.

    • Fanless PC for Server
    I've taken the plunge into Computer Audio. I'm running JRiver on my PC and have about 6tb of music to enjoy.

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I've added a second dedicated AC line with another PorterPort and also come up with a new IC that has taken my system to a depth and openess that I didn't think was possible.
I've been blessed with my budget system.


The frames really clean up the look of the treatments, very nice!!! Hummmm!!


System edited: I framed my room treatments and picked up a NAD C-565BEE cd player. I'm slowly but surely getting the room to look polished. I also made some speaker platforms to match my rack.



It seems that you're very close to the Lores. Are you listening in an equilateral triangle? I'm curious because I've been playing with a lot of positioning and can't seem to find the balance I want between focus and soundstage.



System edited: Through endless hours of testing, I have come up with an IC that is the best I've ever heard. I've incorporated them in my system and love the upgrade.


System edited: Through endless hours of testing, I have come up with an IC that is the best I've ever heard. I've incourperated them in my system and love the upgrade.


I made them You can go through the comments and I give some details about them.
Thanks for the kind words.


Very nice job on the rack. Did you purchase or make the acoustic treatments? Marcus


I hope you mean that, along with some time for us to listen and enjoy some music together.

Ag insider logo xs@2xalbertporter

Always good to hear from you Albert.

Next time I'm in Dallas, I want to take you and your's out for dinner.


I've been following your system since before my post on March 2010. I'm proud of you for the creative way you assembled the acoustic panels and new equipment stand. The stand is a beauty.

Those are worthwhile upgrades and prove that determination, creativity and a bit of work can make great improvements in an audio system without breaking the bank.

Great job!

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It's 1 1/2 inch wooden legs with the threaded rod already in it. I just put a threaded insert in the bottom of the platform and added gold cones at the bottom of the legs.
Painted everything satin black, added the stained trim and I was in heaven. It is very stabil.


Excellent work! What are you using for the pillars? Did you wrap something around the threaded rods?
Very nice looking there.


System edited: Just built my first stand and I wanted to share my pride with everyone. It turned out so much better than expected.


System edited: Heres an update. I've added new speakers to me syatem that is a great improvement. The full range driver is much more engaging the my previous speakers. The clarity is something I've been missing and didn't even know it. I've also added a Sony digital tuner that was very surprising to say the least. The reviews are spot on.


Such a nice room! I like your obvious pride in your work. What is the size of your room? I did a search for Duct Board and did find various types but none that looked like yours. Could you share with us the manufacture, part number, etc. By the way I found bamboo cutting boards at WalMart and at local chinese stores. I've got them (12"x16") under my speakers.

Happy listening,


Nice room!!!


A sub is not needed with the MAs. They have more than enough.
But I'll be updating my system soon. I've went the Full Range Driver route.
Sold the MAs and trying something new. Will keep you posted and updated.


That's a great looking system and very nice job with the panel's smart placement. How low do those MA speakers go? Have you thought of adding a sub or two?


I am very jealous of your room treatment!! Very nice indeed


Sweet System!


System edited: Read the reviews on the Almarro A318B amp and had to try it. Incredable.


Too cool how you did this room - love the budget and the look!


If you cut them into smaller pieces (like the sizes you use for your room or smaller) and pack them into a large box and ship them through USPS, this would bring the shipping cost down. Why don't you try a set and see if AG folks will like it. If we do, you can make a fortune.


Hi John.
The problem is shipping cost. If I could figure out how to ship them at a reasonable cost I would sell them like hot cakes. They don't need any covering because they look good the way they are. The Corning glass needs covering because they are ugly and the glass can flake off. Not so with the duct board. Get with an A/C guy that's local and see what he could get you some mold treated duct board for. Cut it yourself and spray paint the edges and it's done.
Thanks for your input. zman


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