Started as a budget system, I've slowly upgraded through the years... Overall I'm extremely happy with my system now....everything is in perfect balance and most importantly it just gets to the soul of music. Very smooth, non-fatiguing, but still brings the thunder and boogie when needed.  Overall I'd describe the sound as balanced, it doesn't draw particular attention to any one audiophile quality, which I say is good. It makes music, not sounds!

The wish list though: 
More Power! Possibly a separate power amp, but it would have to sound fun!
For the TT: Maybe an Audiomods arm, but I would love a new Planar 6 plinth because I've always hated the way rega tonearms are attached to the old plinths. Maybe a MC for my next cartridge, something quick that can handle congested passages, but the Nag is hard to beat for the price direct from Japan.

Update: Removed my homemade Ikea/Sorbothane isolation platform....The sound is WAY more stable, solid, and firm sounding now.  Crazy.

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    • Nagaoka MP-500
    Upgraded from Rega Exact, so far so good
    • Rega RB-700
    • Rega P5
    My main source

    DIY Flywheel Platter Upgrade (adhesive 1/4oz weights attached to glass platter)
    Groovetracer Reference Sub-platter
    Groovetracer Counterweight
    SRM/Tech Rega Silent Base.  The spikes sit in the original Rega rubber feet and I replaced the sorbothane with Herbie's Audio Lab's Tenderfeet that the aluminum P5 surround sits on.  I cannot overstate how insane this combination is.  This deck can sound veiled/dark out of the box, a bit smeared....Dead silent, crystal clear, and Jams! 
    SRM/Tech Baubles: Motor Thrust Bearing, Main Bearing Damping Ring, 15mm Platter Damping Ring
    Tangospinner Brass Double Pulley
    Edwards Audio Little Belters
    • Rega TT-PSU
    • Sutherland Engineering 20/20
    This thing is beautiful! Upgraded from a Bellari Vp530 to Graham Slee Era Gold Mk. V then to this.....and I'm done forever. It just digs so deeply into that ephemeral quality that makes music moving, emotional, and vital.
    • AudioQuest Columbia RCA
    Interconnects from Phono to Integrated amp
    • Fon Gramofon
    Streamer for Spotify. Pretty much the cheapest way to get Spotify into the system when I'm too lazy to spin records. Doubles as a wifi router which I needed anyway! Actually sounds really good.
    • AudioQuest Golden Gate Mini Cable
    From Gramofon to Integrated Amp. Yeah it might be overkill....but it made a huge difference in sound qualiy
    • Musical Fidelity M3i
    Integrated Amp, Upgraded from Marantz pm6004
    • AudioQuest CV-8
    Speaker Cable replaced my Home-made's and.....WOW!
    • Wharfedale Jade 3
    Monitors, Upgraded from Wharfedale Diamond 10.1s
    • Cayin Audio USA C5
    Dac/Headphone amp for use while on the road
    • Wharfedale Diamond 10.GX
    • Thinksound On 2
    • MicroMega MyDac
    Dac for .FLAC files from purchases, and for use with an xBox One S
    • Kimber Kable Hero with WBT
    From MyDac to integrated.  These un-shielded cables are awful for phono use, but work just fine here.
    • Blue Jeans Cable Subwoofer Cable
    What it says
    • Equitech Q-1000 (1RQ)
    Balanced Power

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Superb kit. Don't know if its any better than the P5, but the Marantz Clearaudio turntable would be very cool w/ your Marantz integrated.


Hello. I am (very enthusiastically), awaiting arrival of my P5 with Groovetracer subplatter and Exact 2 cart. I'm currently using the same phonostage as you, a Graham Slee Era Gold Mk V with a Music Hall 2.2 LE table. I assume you have no intention of replacing the Graham. I think it's amazing, even with the budget Music Hall. I'm sure it sounds great with the I will soon find out.

I will also soon find out how the P5 sounds with the new phonostage I have coming, a Clones Audio PA1. I had no desire to change phonostages, but after owning the Clones 25i integrated for the past three months, I HAD to check out Funjoe's new phonostage. His $890 integrated sounds better to me than $9,900 worth of seperates I used to own.

I bought the Music Hall a month ago and it's my first attempt at far I'm LOVING it.

So, in the next few weeks I'll A-B the Graham with the Clones. I have a strong feeling the Clones will come out on top. Just letting you know in case you were interested.


Wonderful and well thought out system.


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