I'm just getting back into 2 channel. Wanted to leave alot of outs while enjoying the music and learning what's available for the dollar.

...Well, almost done, I was looking to go separates, but couldn't pass up on the I5LE. Thanks again David (Pearson7). The Hawks just opened up another level.

...picked up the raysonic 168. this cdp is great. just does alot of things right. for me the most noticeable change was: the removal of the top end glare, more weight to the sound or conversely more space around the sound?, improved soundstage. this was my 1st "big" purchase so can't say another more expensive cdp would have given the same results, but as the source to my system it just oozes music.

big props to Steve at Quest for Sound for helping me out ALOT.

.. currently have the 168 connected directly to monoblocks via granite audio 470 xlr

.. found a sound that I liked enough to spend some coin on. is it classic triode sound? dunno but it is what I was looking for. now i got to find some reasonably priced horns.

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    • Raysonic 168
    Surprising detail, soundstage, easy to swap tubes. currently have rca holland tubes ... Eva Cassidy sounds devine.
    • Granite Audio 861.7
    Total tube nub but I LOVE the sound. 30W push pull in Triode mode so far is more than enough for the Hawks. So much detail with that bloom around the instruments. No PreAmp.
    • Totem Acoustics Hawk
    Very happy with sound, given space constraints. It also has adapted very well to upgrades, sidegrades, and downgrades.
    • Granite Audio 470 XLR
    Silver Interconnects. wonderful highs without the tizziness.
    • Granite Audio 555 PC x 3
    good stuff, more relaxed richness in sound with some serious space
    • Analysis Plus Oval 9
    Very appreciative of the weight that these cables provide around the sound. I'm always going back n forth on these, there are more detailed/accurate cables but then i start to get picky about the quality of recording.
    • Cardas Adapter
    XLR to RCA Adapter.
    • Totem Beaks x2
    sonic zoom/focus button
    • SoundQuest Isol Pads throughout
    Removed some edginess without losing the detail.

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Nice choice in speakers. My favorite aspect of the Hawks was the midrange. Having a 6db crossover makes the driver transition really sweet. Female vocals sound awesome! Enjoy them.

p.s. About 5 - 7 pounds of lead in each speaker can tighten the bass up. Don't overload them though. As far as imaging goes, they are the best I've heard so you may want to tweak placement/components, but you may try some acoustic panels as your room is very reflective looking. Cheers!


So far so good. I'm a little obsessed with the top end and it's really sweet. The bass could be tighter as can the imaging. For the price, its a fun experiment. I'm gonna try a few more before the amperex bugle boys, but honestly i keep asking myself how can it get any better.


I purchased a Raysonic CD168 this year also (although mine is the black finish; great looking unit). I'm very happy with the way the stock tubes sound but wondered how the RCA Holland tubes worked out for you? Thanks, Bob


System edited: picked up some RCA Holland Tubes.


Thanks guys,

I had Arros for a couple of years before I upgraded to the Hawks. I heard it at the local hifi shop and walked home with a used pair. Still don't know whether to thank him or not for 'hooking' er introducing me to great sound, ended up having to upgrade everything.

I was very glad the Apollo came out when it did, made things really easy for me. Given the next price points of cdps to audition to get a wow factor, the Apollo rocks.


i like my totem arro ,the totem is great speaker...cayin small tube stuff is terrific and ofcourse anti cables are the best for the buck, although i like rs ,but a bit more pricey...good system i would love it myself


Very nice musical system. The Apollo is just about as good a 1k cd player as there could be. Totem makes fabulous speakers...congrats on a splendid system!


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