My goal is to have the most transparent sound I can obtain for around 1000.00 using my Apple computer as a source. My results are blowing me away. I used to own a high end shop in the Tri state area before 09-11-01. I am very suprised at the level for sound quality that can be obtained for 1000.00 today. Next upgrade is Dared VP-20 mono's.

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    • Dared MP-5
    13WPC tube input. Built in DAC , headphone output. Soild state outputs.
    • TEKTON 4.5
    Fostex 4.5
    • Monster XP
    Moving to Anti-cables soon.

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I'm running a trends ta10.2 to a pair of Focal Cobalt 806's. Do you think the Tekons bass would be as good if not better the Focals? Even though the Focals are sensitive at 90db I think the tekons will perform better with the low power of the Trends amp. I'm not looking for high volume, just accurate response. Thanks for any insight.


how do you feel the dared mp5 worked just as a DAC for your computer? Are you still using it now that you have the monoblocks? I just bought one and I plan to use it as a DAC with usb not as an amplifier and I'd love to hear your comments.

Thanks very much!


I HAVE UPDATED MY SYSTEM. I am using the Dared vp-20 mono's 18 wpc also a Firestone DAC. the Fubar USB DAC. It really is amazing what sound you can obtain with so little money these days. The DAC is a giant killer if you ask me. Smooth and detailed. My new Dared amps are far better then the price would suggest. More base out of my 4.5" Tekton speakers as well as detail. I will be happy to answer any questions.


The Tekton Speakers are always catching me off guard when I listen to something new or songs I have not heard in a while. Transparent mids will spook you if you listen with eyes closed. My Darded Vp-20 mono's are burning in. Will post my thoughts when they settle in.


I have never heard the Tekton speakers, but everyone who I have read comment absolutely loves them. Apparently they are a huge bang for the audio buck.

Congrats on a nice inexpensive system.


Nice - I didn't realize the Dared had a DAC built in. Very nice simplified set-up.

The smaller Fostex drivers are a real treat with respect to detail, midrange coherence and speed. I used Omega Super 3 for a few months and still have not heard a quicker speaker to date.


Thanks for your input. The Dared amp is also a DAC using BB DAC chip. I have usb cable input into the MP-5. The Dared MP-5 is a real bargan. I will be using it just for the DAC and headphone out once my Dared VP-20 mono's arrive.
I use the new imac duo core 20". Wavelength would be nice however seems pricey to me.
Regards Ron


Nice system. I like the smaller Fostex drivers as well. Excellent budget minded system nicely put together.

A good suggestion IMO, that should significantly improve playback would be to look into an external soundcard like the EMU0404USB or a USB DAC (MHDT Paradisea+, Benchmark DAC1USB). The analog outputs on the Mac are far from optimal. I use a Mac Mini or Macbook, Apple Lossless files feed into a Benchmark DAC1 USB (alternatively a Wavelength Brick USB DAC).

What Mac are you using?


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