My eBay Vintage "Stereo" System (The HT is at the other end of the living room) Who says you can't "go home" again with the music . . . just getting back the equipment and vinyl I sold following college in the late 60's. Music includes Byrds, Sergio Mendez, 'Oldies' Brubeck, Richie Havens, We Five, Kingston Trio, Richard Harris, Beach Boys, Beatles, after all its all about the MUSIC and memories ! !

Upgrades? More Macs ! Maybe a nice new MC275 or an Outlaw receiver . . .

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    • McIntosh MC-2505
    McIntosh 2505 (50 WPC)
    • Dynaco PAS-3
    Dynaco PAS-3 Preamp
    • Dynaco Stereo-416a
    Dynaco Stereo 416 (200 WPC)
    • Dynaco Stereo 70
    Dynaco Stereo 70
    • H. H. Scott LK-72 Stereo Laboratory Amplifier
    36 WPC Integrated Amp (Kit) Brown Face
    • Acoustic Research The AR tbl-arm
    • Samsung TXP2675WWHX/XAA
    HDTV (26
    • Acoustic Research AR-3a
    • Dynaco A-25
    Dynaco A-25s
    • Revox A-77
    Revox A-77 10 1/2
    • Nakamichi 700
    Nakamichi 700 Tri-Tracer Cassette Deck
    • Klipsch Forte mkII
    Klipsch Forte II's (Recent Addition Not in Pict)

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Sorry about the missspelling ;-), make that "Stereo" System


Just added a pair of $400 nearly mint Klipsch Forte II's a couple of weeks ago (not in this pict) and I'm very fond of their sound. No room for La Scalas or K'horns, but the Fortes are just fine, thank you :-)