Always trying to improve. After nearly 15 years of listening, I've discovered the kind of sound I love. Dynamics, clarity and imaging. My system finally brings me closest to a live performance.

I decided to forgo the conveniences of a preamplifier in order to achieve greater immediacy and clarity with the use of resistors connected to the input of each amplifier. 

As a result, there are now 2 separate systems seen in the photos. One speaker based system, and one for headphones.  

Room Details

Dimensions: 15’ × 30’  Large
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • Insound Audio Transport/DAC
    Battery powered transport and DAC based on 47 labs model flatfish and progression
    • SMc Audio DNA-1 Ultra Platinum Edition
    SS single channel stereo Plitron LONO hospital-grade toroid, Stillpoints standoffs, soft recovery diode bridge, Duelund PIO AC bypass caps, Furutech AC inlet, Hifi tuning fuse, Nextgen RCA
    • Spectral SDR-3000
    Front loading transport using Spectralink digital cable to SDR-2000 DAC
    • Spectral SDR-2000
    REV C DAC using Spectralink digital cable from SDR-3000 transport
    • NHT 3.3
    Full range speaker
    • Furman IT-Reference
    Balanced power. Using 2 in system.
    • aluminum acrylic 5 shelf
    • Omega Mikro Planar Ebony Active LCX Speaker Cable
    • Nordost Vishnu 2M
    Being used on amps, dac, transport
    • Omega Mikro Planar Analog Ebony (LCX)
    DAC to preamp, amps, headphone amp, sub crossover
    • Omega Mikro Macassar Ebony Active (LCX)
    Digital Cable Unique analog sound, cd playback no longer sounds digital. Greater detail and overall resolution when compared to Spectralink.
    • Krell KSA-5
    Headphone Amp. Upgraded stock volume control to a DACT CT-2.
    • Ray Samuels Emmeline XP-7
    Headphone Amp.
    • Sony MDR-SA 5000
    • Porterhouse Audio Porter Ports
    3 used in system for 3 dedicated lines - #10g 30A.
    • Fabricated at local shop Delrin coaster & Aluminum spikes
    Delrin coasters placed under rack, amplifiers, and speakers
    • Omega Mikro Field- Shaping Ground Plane Ribbons
    • Mapleshade Micropoint Megafeet
    3 placed under each amp- 2 threaded, 1 under transformer
    • Omega Mikro Passive attenuator
    Cryo-treated resistors-1 at each amplifier input. Eliminates preamp
    • Tivoli Audio Model 1
    Radio connected to xm tuner for background music

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Здравствуйте ! , красивая система. Скажите, а латунные колонтитулы заметно влияют на общее звучание? - если без них звук принимается за 100%, то сколько% примерно может дать их использование ...?
P/S - будьте осторожны с кошкой! - он может лужу в "коробочке" сделать)))


The cd and transport is a 47 Labs Flatfish transport and Progression DAC modified by Insound Audio. 


I can't find any info on your CD front end. Was it extremely limited edition, or a one off? It looks extremely interesting.


Removed phase rings covering the tweeters.  The result was an order of magnitude increase in soundstage width, clarity, and transients.


Hi good afternoon, I wanted to ask for your change of digital front end improving the system noticed Spectral against Krell, I have a 64 and a transport Reference KPS 20T, I'm about to buy the DAC Vekian STHAL TEK .
I always liked the Spectral system!, I tell you that I did tests on my sistem Krell, digital cable is really fundamental to
achieve maximum perfomance DAC / tranport.
Thanks for everything
Regards Adrian


The DNA's will reflect what you feed them- AC, room size/shape, source components, cables etc. Years ago, when I lived in a small apartment, they had a warm and weighted sound that was very easy to listen to. Not to much in the imaging/depth or transparency department though. Now, in a much larger listening space with dedicated lines and better components, the sound is resolving and clear. Finally I realize what imaging and soundstage is all about. Not familiar with the 2.5I's, but if they are anything like the 3.3's, you will be pleased with McCormack.


I'm seriously thinking about a (single) McCormack DNA-1 to partner with my NHT 2.5I's. How does the mcCormack sound with your NHT's?


Added a Square D Secondary Surge Arrestor to main electrical panel.


System edited: Added photos 3-17-08


System edited: Moved to new home Oct 15 07. Much larger listening room, vaulted ceilings, bamboo hardwood floors, 3 #10g 20A dedicated lines, 2 layers 5/8" drywall on all walls for added rigidity. Post pics shortly.


Michael, your system is very impressive, wonderful attention to detail. The sound is very dynamic but the room is just a bit too small for things to really open up.
Thanks for your comments Surfgod. The rack was built by a local machine shop. I provided them with the drawings and experimented with some other materials. Originally I wanted the columns to be constructed of acrylic but the samples showed tooling marks which were magnified by the curvature of the column. So 3" aluminum was used that was then sandblasted and clear anodized. The adjustment pegs and conepoints are brass that have been beadblasted and laquered. The clearcoat finish gives them a bronze look. The entire project took about 6 months to complete.
Unfortunatly it is very difficult to adjust the shelves and small stress cracks are forming at the corners of each shelf. Since then I have come up with solutions to improve the design and solve the adjustment and cracking problems. There were some difficulties but it was still a fun project and I learned quite a bit.


Okay,Okay, Where did you get the rack ? Did you make it. This is one of the first things I noticed. A great looking rack to accompany what looks like a gorgeous system. If you can, give us a bit of the backround of the equiptment stand, much appreciated,


Really nice setup. I can just hear the dynamics of your system. I bet it is with very powerful and emotional. The acrylic adds a nice "Philippe Starck ghostly" touch.


I actually posted this system about a year and a half ago. It seems that it was somehow deleted from the site at some point. The treatments are 1' foam panels that I fastened to the wall using double sided tape .It helped alleviate a slight echo and also improved/defined imaging. I dont know if the cat likes music but he spends most of his time sleeping on the amps during the winter. Twice a year I clean out all the fur and dust from inside the amps.


Nice rig, Looks like the family cat enjoys the rig too!


very nice setup. are those wall treatements made of wood or foam?


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