I'm just an apartment dweller who's trying to make best of it with my limited budget. Started out with a JVC 5.1 receiver and Paradigm speakers about 10 years ago, and now I've settled into my current 2 ch system....... for now.

Have Fun,

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    • Salk Custom Series
    RAAL 140 and SEAS drivers
    • Hawthorne Solo
    15" Coaxial Drivers. They sounds terrible with my Rawson monoblocks but incredibly involving with my ol' $300 chinese tube integrated amp. Edit: The Hawthornes have settled in nicely with my Rawson Aleph5s. Also, I have replaced the stock Jantzen Cross-Caps with the Mundorf Supreme caps (both 6.8uf & 10uf). The mod has completely removed harsh sound.
    • Tyler Acoustics Tyler Acoustics Linbrook II
    Dark Cherry finish
    • Sonic Euphoria PLC
    Autoformer Design
    • Von Gaylord Audio PL-1?
    Simple 12AU7 based preamp with External PS.
    • Tim Rawson Aleph5 Monoblocks
    Single Ended Class A 70/8 ohm, 100/4 ohm.
    • Hagerman Cornet2
    Picked up this pre-built phono pre with heavy mods
    • VTL TP-2.5
    Phono Pre with Mullard and 12AX7M with tube dampers. I've had this unit for more than 4 years. That's saying alot. It sits on Isokinetik B1 Platform.
    • Bob's Devices 4722 SUT
    Very good match with LOMC with low impedance.
    • K&K Audio Premium Step-Up-Transformer
    Lundahl LL1931, wound with Cardas wire. I have it set at 1:16 ratio and it's a perfect match with low impedance cartridges. Just incredible.
    • VPI Industries HW-19 mkIV
    The original Mk4 with SME 309.
    • SME 309
    Fitted to SL-1200mk2 with SoundSupports mount.
    • Technics SL-1210 MK5G
    Unmodified at this time.
    • Technics SL-1200 MkII Silver
    Stock SL-1200 mk2. Origin Live Rega mount and VTA adjuster. I have planned to mount an OL arm, but decided to go with SME 309. Sorbethane Feet:
    • Composite Products CF-2010 Platform
    Anti-Vibration Platform
    • TTWeights Audio Periphery 600g
    Instant upgrade. Not just tighter, but significantly tighter bass.
    • TTWeights Classic 454g
    I've never been a huge fan of LP Weight/Clamp by itself, but it's a must have with a Periphery Ring.
    • Transfiguration Temper Supreme
    precisely balanced sound with a bit of warmth. Plenty of detail.
    • Transfiguration Temper Supreme
    precisely balanced sound with a bit of warmth. Plenty of detail. Since then, I've had it retipped by Soundsmith. I have yet to give it a spin..
    • Audio-Technica USA AT-440ML
    Very good.
    • Denon DL-110
    DL-110 is just too much fun. This cartridge is loved by incredible albums in less than VG+ condition. Music lovers' cart.
    • Shure M97eX
    On a dark side, but mates better with higher mass tonearms.
    • Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm
    Very comfortable and wells extremely well with OTL headphone amp.
    • Logitech Squeezebox Duet
    Wifi based music server. Connected to Audio gd NFB-12.
    • Audio gd NBF-12
    USB/Coax/Optical DAC with Dual WM8741 chip. Very very nice.
    • Audio Technica ATH-AD1000
    Can we stop talking about Grado and Senns, and start listening to some ATH cans? Huge sound stage with smooth and extended top. Reminds me so much of my Tyler Reference. This pair deserves a decent headamp.
    • Phenix G3 Headphone Amp
    6922(3) based EarMax clone.
    • Aune Mini USB DAC + Headphone Amp Mk2
    Nice USB DAC/Headphone Amp at a nice price.
    • Digital Stylus Force Gauge Jennings Mini 300
    a little DIY Digital Stylus Force Gauge. Works with great and repeatable accuracy.
    • Versalab Wood Block
    Duplex Power Conditioner. Bought for $50 on Agon with suspicion, but it really cleans up sound. Black is Blacker for the first time.
    • **************** PREVIOUS GEAR *******************
    Previous Equipments below
    • Wright Sound Mono-7
    7 Watts of glory. Obbligato, Vishay, and O'Netics transformers.
    • Marantz SA8001
    I press a button and it creates music. Digital technology is great for an idiot like me.
    It sits on IsoKinetik B1 Platform.
    • EAR 834I Integrated Amp
    NOS GE and SIEMEN tubes.
    • Tyler Acoustics Taylo Ref Monitor
    Great Monitors
    • Brines Acoustics FB20
    Solidly built
    • Project Audio Xpression
    Pro-Ject Xpression
    • Pioneer PL-L1000
    Linear Tracking
    • Shelter 501mk2
    Shelter 501mk2
    • Denon DL-301mk2
    Denon DL-301mk2
    • B&W Signature 805
    Birds Eye Red
    • Magnepan MG-1.6qr
    • REL Acoustics T1
    REL T1
    • Pinnacle Babyboomer
    Piano Black
    • Balanced Audio VK-3i
    Great Preamp
    • PS Audio HCA-2
    Black Faceplate
    • Rega RB-250 Modded
    Incognito and Expressimo Weight
    • KAB SL1210mk2 Fully modded
    Full mods with Clearaudio Stability and Yamamoto HS.
    • Musical Fidelity X-CAN V8
    JFET/TUBE Headphone DAC
    • Audio Zone PRE-T1
    S&B 102 TX
    • Burson Audio AB-160
    RCA model
    Sowter SUT
    • Pro-Ject Tube Box
    Phono preamp
    • Triangle Comete ES
    Cognac Finish
    • Paradigm CC-170
    One of my best friends has it now.
    • Rotel RSX-972
    It was 1999 I think...
    • Paradigm Atom
    My first real speakers.
    • Paradigm Monitor 5
    I thought I had it all.
    • Paradigm Titan
    They were the best speakers in the world for 3 months.
    • Paradigm PDR-10
    Ah the memories.
    • Paradigm PDR-12
    KRS One had the dopest flow back when I had this
    • Paradigm PS-1000
    Though it was muddy, I never knew Sling Blade had that much bass until I had this subwoofer.
    • Paradigm PW-2200
    1 Eviction...
    • Magnepan MMG
    Modded Crossover with Cross Caps and Jantzen Inductors.

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That is one 'hot looking' SL-1200. Love your mods to it. I'm waiting to find a used 1200 for a good price that has not seen DJ use.


Sweet system!

How does the acrylic platform affect the sound of your Technics TT? I'm considering acrylic shelves for my rack.


Very nice system!

I'm familiar enough w/ your speakers because of the Seas Excel drivers they use. I have DIY speakers using Seas Excel drivers. They have excellent synergy and superb sound driven w/ Pass Aleph amps as well as EL34 tube amps.

How are your Tim Rawson amps different from the Pass Labs? Are they the same amps in a different chassis, and why not use the Pass Aleph 5s?


I glad you mentioned the room lens. I noticed your room lens and was going to ask you about them. Are they an exact replica of the original w/ different size tubes. How did you make them and what are all the demensions?


With this beautiful pricey high-end system, you may want to change the name to "I'd rather have a 2 channel system" instead of "too poor for multi-channel". I'm sure you are enjoying its musical presentation. Congratulation!