For only a $1,200 investment, I think I did pretty well. I would definately like to upgrade my sub, but aside from jumping up to the $5,000 range, I don't see a system sounding any better to me. Any comments and/or suggestions are always welcome!

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    • NAD C-541
    Actually the C541i, the HDCD makes a difference
    • NAD C-350
    This is a great little integrated, no trouble at all with the Maggies!
    • Magnepan MMG
    These are THE value in home audio. Wonderful sound!
    • B&W ASW-500
    until I can offord a REL
    • Nordost Solar Wind
    inexpensive, nice detail
    • Analysis Plus Oval 9
    probably the most noticeable upgrade I've made thus far, opened the soundstage WAY up!
    • Target !!! Target
    matches nice, doesn't it?

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You are proof to the point that one does not need to spend big money to get great sound! Many people spend that much on little toy all-in-one junk systems at Best Buy and Circut City just because they did not have someone like you to talk to before they spent their hard earned cash, Great job Chubz!

With any luck you will be able to swing a somewhat larger room in the future so the Maggies have a little more room to breath.