For only a $1,200 investment, I think I did pretty well. I would definately like to upgrade my sub, but aside from jumping up to the $5,000 range, I don't see a system sounding any better to me. Any comments and/or suggestions are always welcome!

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    • NAD C-541
    Actually the C541i, the HDCD makes a difference
    • NAD C-350
    This is a great little integrated, no trouble at all with the Maggies!
    • Magnepan MMG
    These are THE value in home audio. Wonderful sound!
    • B&W ASW-500
    until I can offord a REL
    • Nordost Solar Wind
    inexpensive, nice detail
    • Analysis Plus Oval 9
    probably the most noticeable upgrade I've made thus far, opened the soundstage WAY up!
    • Target !!! Target
    matches nice, doesn't it?

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Chubz...the pin connectors that Celtic is referring to are usually a brass "U-bar" that connects the pre-out to the main-in rca jacks on the back...if you look at the back of your amp and and see these, you will know what I mean...I replaced the stock u-bars on my bryston integrated amp and there definitely was an improvement...the only jumper rca's I know of are the tara lab "missing link"