It's been a while since I have updated my system. I've jumped on the computer as source bandwagon and have never been happier. Next purchase will be a higher end dac. Some slightly smaller more exotic speakers will be after that.

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    • Paradigm Studio-100 v2
    Floor standing, full range loud speaker, in rose nut veneer.
    • Musical Fidelity A3.2CR
    Dual mono, choke regulated Pre-amplifier from famed British manufacturer.
    • PS Audio HCA-2
    Output wiring modded to DH Labs Silver Sonic. Caps in signal path changed to Nichicon Muse Bi-Polar.
    • Compaq Armada Laptop E500
    P3 laptop using external 1TB hardrive and Flac thru Foobar 2000. Operating system optimized using
    • TeraLink-X USB Audio Converter
    Chinese made. Does the job for now.
    • Citypulse 7.2x DAC with TCXO upgrade
    Chinese dac. With good transport, easily better than my former Rega Planet 2000.
    • Music Hall MMF 5.1
    Suits my purpose perfectly. Unless a huge collection of vinyl falls in my lap, it's not worth further expenditure.
    • Sony DVP S7700 ES
    Former referance player for Sony.Built like a brick outhouse. Makes a great transport.
    • Pioneer TX 7500
    My nostagia piece from 1975. I grew up with the SX series and this tuner makes me happy.
    • V.T.I. VTI BL Series Audio Rack
    Cherry wood finnish, black poles, stainless hardware.
    • D.I.Y. Absorption panels
    Basic 2’ X 4’ panels featuring 2” of compressed fiberglass covered in thick batting and an attractive fabric. Went 1 step further and framed the box with 3 5/8” crown molding and painted same color as walls. A very effective and decorative addition to room.
    • D.I.Y. Cotton Core Interconnect
    Cotton core, WBT type lockin connectors, Cat 5 teflon insulated conductors, teflon tape wrapped, cotton outer cover
    • D.I.Y. Power Cords
    Various power cords using different types of cables, featuring Morinco IEC and Hubbel plugs.
    • XLO Pro Type 125 RCA Interconnect
    Excellent quality, inexpensive interconnect
    • Harmony Remote 688
    Multi Function remote control.

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I just love your set-up. I've looked at it several times!


How much do you use your BX-1? I used to own one - great sounding and functioning deck. Now I have a CR3A from 1988 which still works perfect. I like to use it every couple of weeks or so or whenever the mood strikes as I have lots of great music on homemade Maxell tapes.


I could not agree more. What an inviting system and room!
Kudos on the design and execution. I can see why you never want to leave it.

My musical tastes are like yours - all over the board - variety is the spice of life.