New amps, midrange ribbons and amp stand lately. Re-wire from Discovery for tonearm installed soo.

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    • Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 sig
    I have wanted a tube pre for so long and finally it is here!
    • Sota Star
    Beautiful table in medium finish with vac pump and clamp. Grado Refrence arm rewired with Monster Cable
    • Rega RB300
    Stock wire with Technoweight
    • Audio Technica ML150
    • Musical Surroundings Phonomena
    MM MC Phono pre, Soild State and very adjustable.
    • VMPS FF3 SRE
    4 Way 7 driver speaker with 2 10 in woofers, 10 in passive, 53in planar push pull ribbon mid, 2 tweeters, 1 super tweeter. Very large speaker at over 300lb each with wqually big sound. Also comes with outboard active crossover rewired with MIT Zcable power.
    • Classe (2in use biamp) CA 150
    Great amps, lots of power and smooth wide soundstage.
    • Lexicon RT-10
    Very nice one box solution for CD SACD DVD-A and movies.
    • cardas Hexlink
    Digital cable from Dac
    • Kimber Cable Hero
    Great cable!
    • Rotel RSP 1068
    7.1 output... HDCD, DVD-A SACD this is a really good HT Processor with alot of functions and features I happen to like.
    • Rotel RMB-1066
    6 channel amp, Running 3 channels bridged, (C SR SL) 150 watts per.
    • Carver TFM35
    Woofer amp for mains, great for bass
    • vmps 626 SRE Center channel
    Nice center channel
    • B&W DS6 S3
    these are dipoles, on wall speakers used for all surrounds
    • Audiovox Sirius Satelite radio home unit
    Sirius satelite radio tuner
    • Luxman T117
    great tuner
    • TEKline Power cable
    4 of these pwer cables in my system, very nice results and excellent quality at a fair cost
    • Audio Research Flatline4X16
    Similar to FLATLINE used for surrounds bi-wire
    • Panasonic model 200 720P HD projector
    Great Hi def picture, great for DVD too! 90 manual screen
    • Monster 3500
    Nice effective budget power
    • Monster 2500
    Power conditioner economical this one handles overflow from the 3500
    • Sony AV3500 SYSTEM REMOTE
    Touch screen, time delay MACRO
    • DIY ACOUSTIC PANELS Owens Corning
    I made 4 30x30' panels and 1 24x36 panel for ceiling. I used perforated styrofoam for backing there is fiberglass, 2 layers of low profile batting wrapped in Needled Cotton Natural colored shells.(very breathable) 2 were for side reflections, 2 for back wall, and 1 large for ceiling reflections
    • Walker SST
    IC, Power Cord treatment...thanks a bunch raytheprinter! Applied to all IC and power cords, The sound smoothed out, subtle but for the better!
    • target amp stand ?
    low profile amp stand
    8 section .5in MDF with Oak legs
    • Terk FM PRO
    Amplified outdoor unit, pulls in about 47 stations from rural area. Thanks Steve!
    • VPI 16.5
    Looks like a winner, thanks a bunch John for your kindness!
    • Hubbel Hubbel
    AC outlets made a surprising change for the better, more detail and depth. Thanks Steve for another kind offer!
    • Mullard, Sovteck, Valvo ect, NOS 12AX7
    New tubes, have the Mullard in now and I like its results, thanks Bob once again!
    • Key Digital ISync HD
    HD Video Scaler

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Somehow I missed this until today......Awesome! Chad - congrats! I am happy for you. This dedicated room is a MAJOR advance. Enjoy!

Ag insider logo xs@2xshadorne

Awesome - lots of work and very tastefully done - I can't see the DIY panels from the pics but I assume they are placed strategically. Can you describe the benefit ...was it worthwhile compared to the other adjustments you have made (time/effort/cost)?

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