Well I'm back. My "Best of Stereophile" needs to be revised with my latest upgrades. I always felt my speakers (MMG and Q100e) were my weakest link and that has been confirmed. With the addition of the Martin Logan Scenarios and the upgrade REL Strata III, I have more detail and solid bass than I ever imagined was possible on my budget. The Scenarios play much louder with less power required than the MMG. The REL Strata III is much more flexible than the Q100e. In addition, it provides deep bass without the strange noises at higher levels. I cant imagine any other changes that could provide this level of improvement

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    • Rega Planet
    15 lbs
    • Audio Refinement Complete INT
    50w, int, 19 lbs
    • Martin Logan Scenario
    pair, 8 in cone woofer
    • REL Acoustics Strata mkIII
    powered, 10 in woof,, 50 lbs
    • TDS Passive
    Harmonic Enhancer
    • Monster Cable M550i
    Award winning cable at reasonable price
    • Audioquest Type 4+
    Stereophile and SoundStage recommended
    • Monster Cable AV-200 PowerCenter
    AC Noise Reduction and Surge Protection
    • Bello AT-484
    Steel and glass stand with cable management system

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I really like your system! How do you like your REL? I personally haven't heard one. Right now I have a Velodyne CT-100 and is very deep and musical(at least to my ear). I was planning to upgrade to a Velodyne SPL-100 to get a little more punch but was wondering if REL would be worth a try. Thanks and happy listening. :)