Parasound and KEF, PC front end with Empirical Audio and PS Audio doing conversion.

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 12’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • PS Audio DigitalLink III
    silver faceplate, upconverting to 192kHz
    • Parasound Halo P3
    using single-ended inputs/outputs, DAC goes into direct inputs bypassing tone controls
    • Parasound A23
    125 into 8, 225 into 4.
    • Bell'Oggetti Audio Tower
    • Quad 22L2
    89dB efficiency, 6Ohm nominal impedance, UPDATED Dec 20, 2019
    • Audioquest King Cobra
    produces deeper soundstage
    • Hsu Research VTF-2
    Bass extension to 25 Hz.
    • AntiCables Reference 2 bi-wire
    5 foot lengths. Beats the sound quality of the AQ Rocket 44s and $100 cheaper.
    • Black Cat Silverstar 75
    digital coax cable with BNC connectors and spring loaded RCA adaptors
    • DH Labs USB Mirage
    USB cable with internal separation of power and signal conductors
    • Cullen Cable Power Upgrade
    Power Box, Red Copper series, Perfect Plug. Smoothed everything out.
    • FoamFactory 2 inch pyramid
    Probably one of the most important upgrades, tamed high-end detail dug up by the new A23.
    • Jplay plug-in for JRiver
    Essential for PC audio.
    • KEF R 7
    These throw a huge sound stage, plenty of detail and a little laid back compared to the Quads
    • ADJ Mega Hex Par
    Accent lighting when the lights are low

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Congratulation on your upgrades. Really like your PC-based system. I would like to try JRiver myself to see how it my work with my system. Have you tried different media player and if so, can you hear the the difference.

I see you have the Parasound A3 and the 23. How does it sound? Thanks and happy listening


Hi Realremo. I also went to the PC based system except I am using a desktop tower instead of a laptop. Congrats.


Realremo, since you are familiar with the setting for up sampling audio, where do you set it on the PC? I right click the speaker icon and the playback pops up. In the playback section, there is a place where you adjust the sampling rate and depth. Is this the place because my PC laptop has the 24/192k option. Thanks


How is the PangeaPC cable and did you ever get a chance to demo the Vlink192?


Realremo, reason I mention about the V-Link is because I am considering getting a V-DAC II. I have been going into PC audio but been using the headphone out as my output. You said you have use the USB input of the DLIII and was not very good sounding. At what was it sampled directly? What computer are you using? Musical Fidelity makes a V-LInk 192, have you consider it?


Nice system. How do you like the V-link and the Digital link? Happy listening.