Warm vacation in that only on stay at home vacation will I set it up in the family living room. It has a very low WAF there. Other times, when the temperature in the basement A/V rooms gets a little chilly. The SQ-88 as all tubes based amps can not just give off warm sounds but make a room nice and cozy. This is part fulfillment of a long time dream of wanting a tube based system. It has been regulated to secondary status once I received my MA-6600. But still very enjoyable to come back too. In this at least I have an embarrassment of riches. The Daber speakers pair well with my amps and are super.

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    • Quest for Sound SQ-88
    Tubed 55 watt integrated amplifier. Three line inputs. Remote volume control. Solid build, tube magic with good weight in the bass.
    • Technics SL-1600
    Direct drive, with auto return features. Good sound without the penalty of getting up after each record. Mounted with Stanton 681 ole faithful.
    • Cambridge Audio P - 640
    Solid state phono preamp. Allows for the use of both MM/MC cartridges. Nice sounding unit, made my vinyl live again.
    • Teac RW-300
    Teac player recorder. Handsome looking, smooth action. Part of their mini sized reference line.
    • TEAC T-H300
    Teac AM/FM tuner. Gold faced good sounding unit. Besting my former Cambridge Audio and almost the equal of my Sony HD radio at times.
    • Daber Audio Monitor 3
    Under the radar new brand of made in the USA speakers. It's planar tweeter sings so sweetly. A real beauty, very musical. Presently using plastic crates as stands.
    • Home Goods Small table
    Solved my Daber speaker stand issue. It is not the Sound Anchors I would have wanted but for right now it at least beats the milk crates. They measure 14H x 12W x 15.5D, and are made of wood.

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Nice 2 channel system and gear choice. I used to have a TT and tube amp as well. I have a vintage Mac preamp I don't use and when I come across a suitable power amp I will try it for a 2 channel HT system.

You may want to try setting your speakers on concrete block to improve the sound and imaging. You can even paint them black and install stick-on rubber feet on top and bottom so as not to damage your floor and speakers. All are available from a home improvement store for very little money.


Thank you for your observations on my new "speaker stands", they certainly beat the plastic milk crates. The Daber speakers look and sound great and would be worthy of ones consideration. They work well with tube or solid state.
Good luck and happy listening with your new speakers.


Nice system. The stands look awesome.
I've looked at the Daber speakers many time thinking how nice the look, but wondering if they sound as nice.
So far I haven't read anything neg about them.
One reviewer said if combined with a sub, they might be world beaters.
I have just purchased new speakers, so I'll have to wait until next time, but I think I'll give the Daber a listen. Have fun.


The Daber speakers deserve the best one can give them. They really sing. Thanks to my wife's suggestion pointing me towards these simple tables, they will do until funds permit a more solid foundation.


Hey, those tables don't look bad!


System edited: Milk crates no more for my Daber speakers. Funds dictated my choice, but all in all worked out quite well. These small tables work well and are not homely looking.


The Daber with my 55 watt integrated amp works very well, with less could not really comment. And thanks Lou for having funny and interesting response on the present speakers stands shown. I have not found stands suitable for a price I can afford to pay right now, thus the crates. A little dressings up though is in order. I hope to have custom stands made.


Been there, done that with the stands, but don't think I had the guts to put it on a'gon so hats off to you for the pictures :) I used to have my monitors sitting on top of 2-5 gal cans of joint compound with a small square piece of sheetrock on top acting as a top plate and Audioquest Sorbothane pucks between the sheetrock and spkr. Looked about as bad as the crates, but sonically, probably as good as many stands on the market. Now I have 2 pairs of real stands and saving the extra pair for a 2nd system someday...I read somewhere that someone put cinderblocks and wrapped them up in heavy duty plastic bags and used that as a spkr stand...with felt floor pads to protect your floors, that might give you a bit more WAF for very little monies, plus sound way better than the crates.


I am looking at the Daber speakers with 91db do they do with tubes? I have 25wpc monoblocks ...a little leery of the materials used for the woofer and midrange..


Glen - Just found this! I'm glad to see you displaying your Monitor 3's so proudly!


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