Dedicated power lines feed the hospital grade hubbel connectors.

Do have upgraded power cords and some decent innerconnects along with some speaker cables which I'll call glorified zip cord.

The stand is now 2" cherry.

A Fanfare Ft-1a tuner is now a part of the system.

The mini-mac acting as a music server has been added.

Room Details

Dimensions: 15’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Blue Circle Audio NSCS Integrated
    With the dual shallco volume control option.
    • Shahinian Acoustics Arc
    American made speaker that's very popular overseas. The more I listen to them the more enamored I become.
    • Cary Audio Design Xciter
    Will take input from USB / Optical...
    • Fanfare FT-1A
    Still like my FM
    • Mac-mini sever 320gb mac mini
    ripped music library Apple loss less using Ipad with remote app to control.
    • Audirvana Audirvana software
    • Sony DVP-NS999es
    My previous unit was a piker compared to this CD player.

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This is the most intriguing system I have seen on Audiogon. It looks like dollar per dollar an extremely difficult system to beat. I am a big fan of Blue Circle but I have only used their tubed separates. Would you mind sharing your experiences with this integrated? Also, I almost bought a pair of Shahinian Obelisks but I opted for JM Reynaud instead. I was concerned about the imaging. How have you found the Shahinians to perform vs full range drivers? Thanks for your time.