Living Room system that has evolved over the years. My intent was to build a daily driver capable of doing 2 channel and home theatre.

Room Details

Dimensions: 26’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Linn LP-12 Sondek
    Vinyl rules.Still building this one. LV-X arm,w Denon 301mk2 cartridge.
    Circa mid 1980's but still sounds nice.
    • Rogue Audio Perseus--Magnum
    Made is USA. 2 channel listening when feeling tubular.
    • Belles Reference 350A version 2
    US made power for front main channels.
    • Rega Saturn
    CD player.  UK made.
    • Oppo BDP-83 SE
    Universal Player.
    • B&K Components Reference 7250 mkII
    US Power for center and rear channels.
    • Classe Audio Sigma SSP
    For Home Theater and a 2 channel.
    • Vandersteen 3a Sig
    Front Mains
    • Vandersteen VCC2
    • Vandersteen VSM-1
    • Vandersteen 2qw
    2 2wq's backing the 3A sigs. Using M5-HP crossovers.
    • Vandersteen V2W
    2 of these babies. Mostly used on LFE for movies.
    • Mitsubishi 61 inch plasma
    Large and in charge.
    • DVDO I Scan VP50
    video scaler
    • Apple Apple TV
    Video streaming
    • Bluesound Node 2i
    Streaming Quboz

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I inserted the X-2 in the left channel and left the M5-HP in the right. The difference was huge! Standing 5' in front of the left speaker the channel sounded compressed into the speaker, the right channel was vibrant, alive outside the enclosure. . The reduction of INNER DETAIL and DYNAMICS in the left resulted in the sound seeming "dead" compared to a very alive right channel!!
Will the results be the same in your system justifying a $350-550 outlay, who knows but it is definitely a step in the right direction and can't hurt anything............ but your wallet.
I would buy a Radio Shack Sound Pressure Meter (digital) and the Stereophile Test CD #1 and play with them awhile. I used them when I switched amps, they are a tremendous help setting the db and Q adjustments of the subs!! You can check for side wall reflections, sound stage image placement and much more, kinda fun and you learn a lot about your 2 channel system for under $50!!!
Where are you located?


Thanks!!! I did use the X-2 filers first but I don't remember the change, it's been awhile. Monday I'll insert 1 X-2 filter and A-B the two and let you know my impressions. I'll be doing this with a set of Quicksilver V-4's, I removed the VS 115 to listen to the V-4's(my old amps) for awhile.


Fun to listen to, fun to watch, nice rig!!! I have screen envy!!!