Living Room system that has evolved over the years. My intent was to build a daily driver capable of doing 2 channel and home theatre.

Room Details

Dimensions: 26’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Linn LP-12 Sondek
    Vinyl rules.Still building this one. LV-X arm,w Denon 301mk2 cartridge.
    Circa mid 1980's but still sounds nice.
    • Rogue Audio Perseus--Magnum
    Made is USA. 2 channel listening when feeling tubular.
    • Belles Reference 350A version 2
    US made power for front main channels.
    • Rega Saturn
    CD player.  UK made.
    • Oppo BDP-83 SE
    Universal Player.
    • B&K Components Reference 7250 mkII
    US Power for center and rear channels.
    • Classe Audio Sigma SSP
    For Home Theater and a 2 channel.
    • Vandersteen 3a Sig
    Front Mains
    • Vandersteen VCC2
    • Vandersteen VSM-1
    • Vandersteen 2qw
    2 2wq's backing the 3A sigs. Using M5-HP crossovers.
    • Vandersteen V2W
    2 of these babies. Mostly used on LFE for movies.
    • Mitsubishi 61 inch plasma
    Large and in charge.
    • DVDO I Scan VP50
    video scaler
    • Apple Apple TV
    Video streaming
    • Bluesound Node 2i
    Streaming Quboz

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System edited: Finally got a longer inter-connects so that i could move speaker away from the wall(s).


I inserted the X-2 in the left channel and left the M5-HP in the right. The difference was huge! Standing 5' in front of the left speaker the channel sounded compressed into the speaker, the right channel was vibrant, alive outside the enclosure. . The reduction of INNER DETAIL and DYNAMICS in the left resulted in the sound seeming "dead" compared to a very alive right channel!!
Will the results be the same in your system justifying a $350-550 outlay, who knows but it is definitely a step in the right direction and can't hurt anything............ but your wallet.
I would buy a Radio Shack Sound Pressure Meter (digital) and the Stereophile Test CD #1 and play with them awhile. I used them when I switched amps, they are a tremendous help setting the db and Q adjustments of the subs!! You can check for side wall reflections, sound stage image placement and much more, kinda fun and you learn a lot about your 2 channel system for under $50!!!
Where are you located?


Thanks!!! I did use the X-2 filers first but I don't remember the change, it's been awhile. Monday I'll insert 1 X-2 filter and A-B the two and let you know my impressions. I'll be doing this with a set of Quicksilver V-4's, I removed the VS 115 to listen to the V-4's(my old amps) for awhile.


Thanks for the response. You have a VERY nice setup, yourself. I was wondering if you used Vandy's x2 filters on the 2wq's prior to the M5-HP? If so, would you describe the change in sound. Was it worth the cost?


Fun to listen to, fun to watch, nice rig!!! I have screen envy!!!


I agree. I have been meaning to purchase longer cables between DVD and the TV. Love the picture of the 61 inch Mitsubishi Plasma. Wish the inputs were along the back instead of the right end though.

Thanks looking.


Great looking system. Are there any options for speaker placement? Reason for asking is that with the relative close placement of the left speaker to the wall and corner there are most likely issues producing boundary gain. Could you switch the position of the equipment rack and the speaker? Might be worth attempting.


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