This setup is tuned to play ''correct''.

No less , No more !

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    • Symposium Svelte shelf
    For Wilson Sophias
    • Symposium Rollerblock JR
    used as spike feet for Sophia 2
    • dCS Puccini
    SACD/CD Player
    • Sonus Faber Elipsa Auditor
    Bookshelf version of Stradivari:)
    • Furutech FT-SWS (R) Wall outlets
    FT-SWS (R) Rhodium Plated Non-magnetic pure copper conductors and Carbon fiber finished front plate
    • Stereovox XV2
    Home Theater
    • Harmonic Tech AC-11 Pro AC Cable
    for Richard Gray's
    • Isotek Nova
    Power Conditioner for sources.
    • finite elemente Pagode Master Reference
    Black pearl structure,high-gloss polished
    • Purist Audio Design Anniversary Power Cord 20 amp
    for krell Evo 402
    • dCS Puccini U clock
    master clock and USB converter for audio files.
    • Oyaide Tunami
    DIY cord for Isotek. Neutrik powercon
    • Furutech FI-50 R M
    male schuko,New Piezo Ceramic Series Connectors
    • JL Audio Fathom F-112
    cinema system and 2 channel
    • Audience AU-24 E version
    not yet decided where it goes.
    • Pranawire Kensho
    • Esoteric C-03
    • Focal Scala Utopia
    utopia series 3
    • Purist Audio Design Anniversary XLR
    • Purist Audio Design Proteus Provectus Powercord
    • Stealth Audio Indra
    a white colored interconnect:)
    • Stealth Audio Dream
    it is not heavy as my ex Transparents
    • Boulder 1060
    • Running Springs Audio Duke
    Just for Boulder 1060
    • Purist Audio Design Aqueous Aureus Praesto Rev. Cord
    modified for Boulder 1060
    • Running Springs Audio Mongoose
    dedicated cord of Duke

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Mert, thanks for your feedback. The new 2000 series is stunning, but out of my price range. I recently traded up my Boulder 1060 & 1010 preamp (incl: my re-terminated Jorma pc) for a Vitus SIA-025 integrated. That amp has a class a mode which is 25 watts, although it has a 1400va UI-core tranny which is much more efficient than traditional toroids which can suffer a voltage drop up to 25%. It is also has a lot of current and therefore can handle a moderate load with ease. But for me it's really about synergy. Vitus gear has great synergy with Magico :-)


Hi Mert, thanks for your view on the 1010 & 2010 preamps. Yes i've read other 1010 owners who have described the sound of the 1010 as a tad "brittle". That did influence my choice of cables & now I own a full loom of Jorma Prime cables (including pc's). The Primes sound very natural, liquid, well balanced, a bit warm & are also a bit forgiving in the top frequencies. In particular, they are perfect with human voice. Very vood cables!

I am debating what direction to take with my preamp. Eventually I will upgrade, possibly to a 2nd hand 2010, maybe a future 2000 series pre? I agree a well designed preamp should match with most power amps, though I think it's best to use keep the same brand for synergy. That also allows Boulder link to work properly.


ps: How do you rate the 2010 preamp paired with the 1060 amp? Is there some synergy going there?


Mert, as I own a 1060 & 1010 pre, I am interested to ask why you never liked the 1010 with the 1060? I've read one other comment on another forum from a member who owned a 1010 & had this to say -

I have had the 1010- which I felt was a bit brittle, the VAC Ren Sig Mk2 -beautiful sound but very colored to my ears but I can see why many adore this preamp, and finally the 2010- game over (for now..).

The 1010 has some natural warmth. And as you stated, Boulder gear is sensitive to cable changes. I have found that Jorma Prime cables provide excellent synergy as they sound very natural, liquid and neutral in tonal balance, but have a touch of warmth. In character, they are a bit more laid back than say Nordost. I use Harmonix/Wally iso feet under my 1010 which add a touch of warmth/richness. I also use Taoc ASR series racks which have smooth frequency response (ie: smoothes aggressive treble) and add a bit of weight and body. Another thing which helps is I leave my 1010 on 24/7. Just curious how you formed that view?