This setup is tuned to play ''correct''.

No less , No more !

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    • Symposium Svelte shelf
    For Wilson Sophias
    • Symposium Rollerblock JR
    used as spike feet for Sophia 2
    • dCS Puccini
    SACD/CD Player
    • Sonus Faber Elipsa Auditor
    Bookshelf version of Stradivari:)
    • Furutech FT-SWS (R) Wall outlets
    FT-SWS (R) Rhodium Plated Non-magnetic pure copper conductors and Carbon fiber finished front plate
    • Stereovox XV2
    Home Theater
    • Harmonic Tech AC-11 Pro AC Cable
    for Richard Gray's
    • Isotek Nova
    Power Conditioner for sources.
    • finite elemente Pagode Master Reference
    Black pearl structure,high-gloss polished
    • Purist Audio Design Anniversary Power Cord 20 amp
    for krell Evo 402
    • dCS Puccini U clock
    master clock and USB converter for audio files.
    • Oyaide Tunami
    DIY cord for Isotek. Neutrik powercon
    • Furutech FI-50 R M
    male schuko,New Piezo Ceramic Series Connectors
    • JL Audio Fathom F-112
    cinema system and 2 channel
    • Audience AU-24 E version
    not yet decided where it goes.
    • Pranawire Kensho
    • Esoteric C-03
    • Focal Scala Utopia
    utopia series 3
    • Purist Audio Design Anniversary XLR
    • Purist Audio Design Proteus Provectus Powercord
    • Stealth Audio Indra
    a white colored interconnect:)
    • Stealth Audio Dream
    it is not heavy as my ex Transparents
    • Boulder 1060
    • Running Springs Audio Duke
    Just for Boulder 1060
    • Purist Audio Design Aqueous Aureus Praesto Rev. Cord
    modified for Boulder 1060
    • Running Springs Audio Mongoose
    dedicated cord of Duke

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regarding the aftermarket PC's... do you have any DIY skills? A simple swap to some acrolink 7N-4030 PC and a nice plug can make an appreciable difference for about $300- otherwise, I think you're looking at Jena Labs or Transparent. Although, the power connector is commercially available so I'm sure you could have nearly any company build you one with some sweet talking. The possibility for resale I think would be very slim....If you care about that.