This setup is tuned to play ''correct''.

No less , No more !

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    • Symposium Svelte shelf
    For Wilson Sophias
    • Symposium Rollerblock JR
    used as spike feet for Sophia 2
    • dCS Puccini
    SACD/CD Player
    • Sonus Faber Elipsa Auditor
    Bookshelf version of Stradivari:)
    • Furutech FT-SWS (R) Wall outlets
    FT-SWS (R) Rhodium Plated Non-magnetic pure copper conductors and Carbon fiber finished front plate
    • Stereovox XV2
    Home Theater
    • Harmonic Tech AC-11 Pro AC Cable
    for Richard Gray's
    • Isotek Nova
    Power Conditioner for sources.
    • finite elemente Pagode Master Reference
    Black pearl structure,high-gloss polished
    • Purist Audio Design Anniversary Power Cord 20 amp
    for krell Evo 402
    • dCS Puccini U clock
    master clock and USB converter for audio files.
    • Oyaide Tunami
    DIY cord for Isotek. Neutrik powercon
    • Furutech FI-50 R M
    male schuko,New Piezo Ceramic Series Connectors
    • JL Audio Fathom F-112
    cinema system and 2 channel
    • Audience AU-24 E version
    not yet decided where it goes.
    • Pranawire Kensho
    • Esoteric C-03
    • Focal Scala Utopia
    utopia series 3
    • Purist Audio Design Anniversary XLR
    • Purist Audio Design Proteus Provectus Powercord
    • Stealth Audio Indra
    a white colored interconnect:)
    • Stealth Audio Dream
    it is not heavy as my ex Transparents
    • Boulder 1060
    • Running Springs Audio Duke
    Just for Boulder 1060
    • Purist Audio Design Aqueous Aureus Praesto Rev. Cord
    modified for Boulder 1060
    • Running Springs Audio Mongoose
    dedicated cord of Duke

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You left no stone unturned. I am sure it sounds great. Thanks for posting and happy listening.


Mert, thanks for your feedback. The new 2000 series is stunning, but out of my price range. I recently traded up my Boulder 1060 & 1010 preamp (incl: my re-terminated Jorma pc) for a Vitus SIA-025 integrated. That amp has a class a mode which is 25 watts, although it has a 1400va UI-core tranny which is much more efficient than traditional toroids which can suffer a voltage drop up to 25%. It is also has a lot of current and therefore can handle a moderate load with ease. But for me it's really about synergy. Vitus gear has great synergy with Magico :-)


sorry for late answer. I just had no time to deal with audio related things. Matterfact I shutdowned the setup for 6 months. I see now new Boulder 2000 series has just released. Must give a try for sure.

thanks and regards


Hi Mert, thanks for your view on the 1010 & 2010 preamps. Yes i've read other 1010 owners who have described the sound of the 1010 as a tad "brittle". That did influence my choice of cables & now I own a full loom of Jorma Prime cables (including pc's). The Primes sound very natural, liquid, well balanced, a bit warm & are also a bit forgiving in the top frequencies. In particular, they are perfect with human voice. Very vood cables!

I am debating what direction to take with my preamp. Eventually I will upgrade, possibly to a 2nd hand 2010, maybe a future 2000 series pre? I agree a well designed preamp should match with most power amps, though I think it's best to use keep the same brand for synergy. That also allows Boulder link to work properly.


First question:
It was the 2000's I had to deal with Boulder 810 and 1010.
If my memory is correct, I had problems in mid frequency, particularly, human voice. I could cure this only with Elrod power Cords.
I can't say anything about Jorma cables since never heard in action.
If you only ask my final opinion about 1010, I would say that combining with 1060 will only yield typical Boulder sound that is not my first choice and can't say that is''correct'' in my opinion ofcourse.
Don't know the tweaks that you applied.
I have finite Element pagode something like masters reference or signiture but never asked myself what I gained by investing on that.

Lastly, I don't leave my amp on. It will sound better one hour later after actual use.
I hope this helps. If not, please go ahead and ask particularly.


Let me answer your last question first:
If You are looking for a descent S.State preamp for any of Boulder 1050,1060, 2050,2060...2010 will be the first and last stop.If I could find one today, I 100% buy.( I regret not to buy 2010 in late 2000's.
Honestly, I don't believe synergy, relation whatever audiophile terms. If a preamp is built indeed good based on its simple purpose which is preamplifying the signal, it will match any amp.
2010 is made idealy for this purpose without cost concern.
Need I say more?


ps: How do you rate the 2010 preamp paired with the 1060 amp? Is there some synergy going there?


Mert, as I own a 1060 & 1010 pre, I am interested to ask why you never liked the 1010 with the 1060? I've read one other comment on another forum from a member who owned a 1010 & had this to say -

I have had the 1010- which I felt was a bit brittle, the VAC Ren Sig Mk2 -beautiful sound but very colored to my ears but I can see why many adore this preamp, and finally the 2010- game over (for now..).

The 1010 has some natural warmth. And as you stated, Boulder gear is sensitive to cable changes. I have found that Jorma Prime cables provide excellent synergy as they sound very natural, liquid and neutral in tonal balance, but have a touch of warmth. In character, they are a bit more laid back than say Nordost. I use Harmonix/Wally iso feet under my 1010 which add a touch of warmth/richness. I also use Taoc ASR series racks which have smooth frequency response (ie: smoothes aggressive treble) and add a bit of weight and body. Another thing which helps is I leave my 1010 on 24/7. Just curious how you formed that view?


System edited: Running Springs Duke Condt. PAD Aqueous Aureus praesto rev. powercord and RS Mongosse powercord put in circulation in order to feed Boulder 1060. (In reality, I am trying sound Boulder 1060 different than as usual and understand how reactive it is to changing variables)


System edited: a few new pictures of the setup.


I do have DIY skills, and modify always after market cords if necessary. I have a few feets of Oyaide Tunami left from past projects. I know particularly old Acrolink bulk cables(6n) and Mexcel series powercords(pc-7100)
In my opinion, neither Acrolink nor Oyaide would be a perfect match. I know limitations of those bulk cables. I am looking something a little bit special.
I already modified the stock cord of Boulder 1060 with Furutech FI-50R M plug.(carol 12 AWG by general cable)
thanks anyway...


In past, I have tried boulder 2010 together with 1050 monos and quite pleased. However I never liked 1010 together with 1060.
Recently I had chance to mate 1060 with audio research ref 5. It sounded fine, acceptable,interesting, engaging... but mind you it is not "a correct sound" . When you replace ref 3-5 with a good solid state preamp like esoteric C-03 you immediately find out that bass drivers start working effectively.
As far as boulder 1060 concerned, it is a test grade poweramp, absolutely enables you to test limitations entire setup except power.
That's why I bought it in order to double check cables,front end,pre,filters....
There is no need to say that mates perfectly with focal new utopia range.
Plus it is more lifelike, organic, liquid, 3d, torque than krell evo 402.
A safe bet indeed.
I hope this helps, otherwise ask I can be more specific.
Regards and enjoy.


regarding the aftermarket PC's... do you have any DIY skills? A simple swap to some acrolink 7N-4030 PC and a nice plug can make an appreciable difference for about $300- otherwise, I think you're looking at Jena Labs or Transparent. Although, the power connector is commercially available so I'm sure you could have nearly any company build you one with some sweet talking. The possibility for resale I think would be very slim....If you care about that.


thoughts on the boulder? any preamps you've tried with it?

(my 1060 arrives in 2 days)


System edited: Krell Evo 402 is replaced by Boulder 1060.


I can only imagine how they sound. What I might try to do, and I say might, is when I am done all of the what can be called peripheral stuff, is see if I can't try and save up for some Viva's. But that will take a long time and I won't be able to start for a long time. But I am glad that the Scalas are making you happy. For the time being I will just have to manage with my 1027's. With the new Live Line cables I have, they sound really good now. Enjoy those speakers.


Thanks mike,
I bought the scalas last year, they were beyond my expectations indeed.
I don't think I go bigger speaker than this since setup in livingroom and my family needs space matterfact. In addition, stealth dream speaker cable plus Indra interconnect matched and blended perfectly with my PAD cables.


Scala Utopia's. Very nice indeed. I hope to hear the new Utopia series at some point.


System edited: Stealth Dream and Indra have just arrived! I guess they are nicely settling there and I go for fishing now!!! pictures and comments will follow....


I regret to say that I don't use jl's with 2 channel.It is used only for HT setup.
I can answer your questions:
Best way to integrate is buying an active crossover as it is stated in users manual.It can be either Bryston as expensive way to go or Behringer as cheapish way to go.
If I were you, I wouldn't integrate altos with JLs since I see you have a mchintosh 275 for altos which is a pure tube amp, different than jl's internal class d amplification. But this is me, my guess....yours or others might have different opinions.




I saw you use the JL sub with you're 2 channel system. Wondering how you integrate it ? do you use any X-over? where do you set the subs low pass filter? do you use the ELF or phase to integrate?

Any advice would be great as i run a very similar set up with the older utopias and the JL 13'



I totaly agree. I always tried to get most under less than ideal conditions. My room may be less than optimum, the outcome is more than satisfactory since there is no weak link in the chain I guess....


You have some beautiful equipment, but it must be like having your Porsche started and ready to go but unable to open the garage door because of your room limitations. You seriously need a more audio friendly room.


Thank you Bryon. In past I had 1027 be and Pass amplifier sa well. I wish I had a modest setup, and could stop but as you know once you cross logical point, there is no way to return to normal state.
(I will comment on your system as well...)


I have looked at your system many times, but never commented. It is fantastic! Though my system is considerably more modest than yours, I too am using a French speaker, an English digital source, and an American amp. We are kindred audiophiles. :)

Congratulations on your recent changes. Enjoy!!!


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