It's 2020 and I've upgraded my system.  I've added the Shindo Cortese 2Fa Single amp,  Devore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 speakers, Holo Audio Spring (KTE) DAC.  Also, I'm able to use my Shindo Labs Arome CD Matching Transformer with the KTE's balanced outputs.  

I've revamped my system during the last 5 years since I moved to Puerto Rico.  I changed from a Wilson Watt 5 Puppy 3/VTL tube system (ST-150/TL 2.5) to my current Devore/Shindo based rig.  The Devore Fidelity Nines came first after I decided on a Shindo preamp and amp, which arrived in 2015 along with my return to vinyl.  The Well Tempered Labs Amadeus MK II and EMT TSD15 were just added this week.  I've been away from vinyl since 1992 and wanted to hear some of the Shindo magic that I've read about. 

On the digital side, the Lampizator Amber DAC replaced a Theta DSPro progeny.  I kept my ESD T-1000 transport and I recently (Oct. 2016) replaced the Audioengine Bluetooth music receiver with a BLUESOUND Node 2 streamer and TIDAL.  Controlled via Bluesound app on my iPad.   

My current space remains a challenge because of all the hard surfaces. I'm still experimenting with room treatments. It’s getting there.


Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Shindo Labs Monbrison
    With MM/MC phone stage
    • Shindo Labs Silver IC
    Two 1M pairs. Used between amp/preamp and between DAC/Preamp
    • Shindo Labs Cortese F2a
    This amp replaced the Shindo Montile 6V6
    • DeVore Fidelity O/96 Orangutan
    Full-range, high sensitivity and high fidelity speaker system
    • Auditorium A-23
    Two meter speaker cables
    • Well Tempered Labs Amadeus
    Replaced a Linn AXIS project that never got off the ground.
    • EMT Audio TSD15 Super Fine Line
    MC cartridge
    • Auditorium 23 Transformer
    • Auditorium A-23 Interconnect

    1M IC between preamp/Well Tempered Amadeus

    .5M IC between Well Tempered Amadeus and Auditorium 23 SUT

    • Magnum Dynalab FT - 101A
    FM tuner
    • Shindo Labs Mr. T
    Power conditioner for amp, pre-amp, turntable
    • Shindo Labs Arome
    CD Matching transformer  designed to optimize the digital interface with a Shindo preamplifier. I'm using the Arome with balanced inputs Auditorium 23 that connect to the Holo Audio Spring KTE DAC outputs.  A pair of Auditorium RCA IC's then connects the Arome to the Monbrison's CD input. 
    • Holo Audio Spring DAC Level 3 "Kitsune Tuned Edition"
    R2R DAC to replace the Lampizator Amber Plus with the Level 4 type PCB
    • Cardas Audio AES/EBU DIGITAL CABLE
    • Pangea Audio AC 14SE MKII Signature
    1M Power cord for the Lampizator Amber DAC
    • Mark Levinson No 37
    CD transport replaced the EAD T-1000 transport.
    • Bluesound Vault 2 and Node 2
    Music server and streamer connected to DAC via TOS. Used with TIDAL and Tune-in services.  Bluesound replaced the Audioengine B1 receiver.
    • Morrow DIG4 Grand Reference
    Digital Cable 1.5M Solid core
    • Nordost Thor
    Power Distribution
    • Box Furniture S4S
    Two 4 shelf A/V stands
    • MIT Z-Cord II
    2M used on the Nordost THOR
    • Shunyata Black Mamba pwr
    • Stillpoints Ultra MINI
    Isolation Product used on the DAC

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Lalitk, I bought Mr T before the Montille so I never rated it for performance -- cause I did not fully understand the performance of my Shindo's.
What I can say is that Mr T has been thru Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria plus numerous electrical outages since.  My tubes have held!  Great music that is smooth and hearty. 

Mr T will certainly be monitored as soon I reintroduce  my Cortese F2a back into the mix.  This time with new pair of Devore O/96s.  The Nines, while great with the Montille, were challenged.  After 6 months of research I settled on my first choice.

In Living Stereo, NYC, Steve Cohen demo included the Shindo Vosne Romanee, Cortese 300b and AMG V12 tt.



Very nice system.  What is your take on adding Mr. T to rest of the Shindo components...did you hear a substantial uptick in the performance?

Ag insider logo xs@2xlalitk

Replaced the Montille with the Shindo Cortese F2a and will eventually replace the DeVore Nines.  After one listening session I'm happy with the Cortese.


Jond, thanks for your comments.  Although Hurricane Maria (2017) did not affect my electronics, it did affect my listening routine and ruminating about upgrades.  With new system additions/changes, I've found that I need time to determine their worth.


System edited: Replaced the EAD T-1000 transport with a Mark Levinson No. 37 Transport.  What an immediate upgrade - specifically more weight in the bass.  Listening to my reference CDs for a more complete impression.  Also, I'm swapping my digital cable to the DAC.  The Stereovox  HDXV is now on the clock.


Great looking system very well thought out and synergistic I bet it sounds amazing thanks for sharing it! Cheers!


System edited: In July 2015, I added the Shindo Monbrison and removed the VTL TL-2.5. I will begin to evaluate my vinyl components.


System edited: Replaced the Theta Progeny DAC with the Lampizator Amber DAC (LVL 4 PCB).


System edited: Added Auditorium A23 speaker cable to replace the MIT M3 pair. I also replaced my Monster Power 5000 with a Nordost Thor power distribution system.


System edited: Replaced the Pioneer with the Sony carousel in January 2007.


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