my room is 12x15x8 sometimes the bass can overpower a little but the sound is to die for. right now i looking into upgrading the preamp and maybe adding a dac.

would like to hear your opinions.


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    • Belles 21A
    This is the model with the auricap upgrade.
    • Consonance Cyber 800
    78 watt monos that use 6ca7 power tubes.
    • Usher R-1.5
    150 watt class a
    • Usher 6381
    • Manitou Windigo power cable
    connected to Belles 21a
    • Manitou Thunderbird power cables
    connected to cyber 800s
    • Manitou Windigo interconnects
    Dac to preamp
    • Mg Audio Design Planus 2
    balanced, neutral, detailed
    • Mg Audio Design Planus Cu2
    more of the Planus 2 sound
    • Virtue Audio Piano M1
    tubelike in sound
    • Usher Mini Dancer 2 Be
    this is the diamond cabinet but with the Be tweeter.

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Are you using any room treatments in your room? I am building a new house and my new dedicated audio room will be the exact dimensions as your room and I also have the usher cp-6381's. I do currently use asc tube traps and Michael green room tunes for my 13x21 ft dedicated room with great results.